Autobiography function

The autobiography is the writing about one’s own life that makes a person telling their story and experiences. It can be done by characters who have made a great contribution, in which case, their history and stories are of public interest.

An academic and psychological resource

In these cases, it is the people themselves who decide to prepare them themselves to make known details that the public does not know, anecdotes, curiosities, relevant information, etc. It can also be that they entrust it to a professional person in the creation of biographies, but always according to the stories of the person who has been biographed.

But autobiography is also a function in the academic field, in which case it has the purpose of exercising our ability to write or as a component element in the creation of a life project. By way of personal taste also anyone can prepare it to leave it as a personal and family memory.

At the same time, it is quite a psychological therapy to carry out an autobiography, because it is a gross summary of one’s own life and that allows us to see many failures, mistakes and also correct answers. All this contributes to take life with greater experience and polish so many imperfections that human beings carry inside.

End of autobiography function.

Autobiography function
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June 17, 2019

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