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There is talk of school bullying, or bullying, but it turns out that in society we are always doing bullying on a daily basis: at home, in the office, at work, on the street. Our society has become accustomed to bullying.

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Reflections, messages and phrases about Bullying

And there are many phrases to do bullying. And it does not consist only in physical violence, but it can start with words that seem insignificant, but that in a certain way seek to elevate me, while rejecting the other.

Look, I have blue eyes.

When we pronounce a sentence to lower the other, to isolate him, to make him pass as less intelligent, etc., we are doing bullying.

When we hurt another we only hurt ourselves.

The bullying arises from a feeling of inferiority.

It seems incredible, but that’s the way it is. When you have a great self-esteem, when you know your own potential, when you are a being without fear of any kind, does not downgrade the other, but helps you overcome, to be better, and says “friend”, “champion” »,« Companion »,« the hard one ». But if I am not that, then I seek to lower the other, thinking that perhaps we are at hand like that.

You are a brute

I am not intelligent, but if I tell the other that he is a brute, then I hide myself, “I go unnoticed” because then the other comrades will not look at me, but at the other, urging him not to let offense.

And possibly I am not intelligent, but I do have strength or friends who can defend me in case of a violent act. Or possibly my defense is a weapon.

That is, bullying is the search for security, but that search is poorly focused, because it is sought through aggression and violence.

  • Bullying should not be treated in schools but in the family.

That is to say, the school, the school, the street, the university, etc., in themselves are not the origin of the bullying. The bullying begins because in our home there is bullying; because in our family there is incomprehension, fights, fights, because from small they are taught to compete, to think that we are the best, because in a visible or invisible way, we have seen how some people downgrade others.

Bullying phrases
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June 21, 2019

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