Characteristics of the hemeroteca

Characteristics of the hemerotecaThe main characteristic of a hemeroteca, is its ample capacity to store magazines, newspapers, archives, publications of newspapers, etc., that are properly ordered and classified there. It can be a building, a room or a web page.

The book´s place

Most newspaper libraries are installed inside libraries. Another part where they prevail is in the media, especially the written press, which collects their publications creating their own newspaper archives.

If we study its etymological roots, we find that it comes from the Greek ‘hemera’, by day, and ‘theke’, by box or deposit. It is a sub-library specialized in journalistic publications.

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On the Internet we also find them virtual.In them, the files have been digitalized so that they can be consulted remotely. For example, press reports that present news and that are classified according to their details or area of ​​implementation,

In the same way, general or specialized news can be archived in the hemeroteca. In both cases it is required that they are informative publications, but in the latter, the use of an appropriate scientific language is also needed.

The material can be classified, for example, according to the region, the nation, but above all, taking into account the class of readers. Thanks to this way of filing the information, you can guarantee the right to information, because it gathers all the local, regional, national and international newsletters, where any common citizen can go to find the topics you need, such as scholarships, auctions, legislation, events, etc.

 There are several kinds of newspaper libraries:

  • Those not associated with other institutions of a documentary nature.
  • The newspaper libraries in libraries and other documentary institutions.
  • The general, public and specialized.

They turn out to be formidable tools when it comes to training and getting informed, because not only is it good to be satisfied with television.If you can access a plural press, you can see things from various angles and points of view, which allows the reader to make much more objective and profound conclusions.

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