Cocktails based on almonds

Perhaps the best thing, before approaching some of the best recipes of cocktails made from almonds, is to review beforehand the very definition and origin of this seed, in order to be aware of the main ingredient of each of these preparations.

The almond

In this sense, one can begin by saying that the almond is a seed, coming from the fruit that grows from the tree commonly called almond tree, and also known scientifically as Prunus dulcis. According to the different sources, the origin of the almond can be placed in the Asian continent, in specific in the warm and semi-desert zones, that is to say, territories like the Middle East, where it began to be cultivated from the antiquity.

However, despite its Asian origin, it is Spain that is currently at the forefront of the production of this seed, which is also known as nuts, due to the way in which it is consumed. In this way, this European country capitalises around 15% of this product, that is to say that it is capable of growing more than one thousand two hundred tonnes a year.

Almond based cocktails

Likewise, most sources agree that almonds are a fairly nutritious food, which provides the body with a large amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, which combined with its pleasant cinnamon flavor, make this seed one of the best foods to consume at breakfast or even at most meals, as long as you do not suffer from any condition or allergy that prevents doing so.

However, even though the culinary world has managed to design hundreds of sweet and savoury dishes using almonds as a central or key element, cooking is not the last frontier that has found this nut, which is increasingly becoming a star ingredient in terms of cocktails and liquors, then covering hundreds of presentations and uses, ranging from the famous amaretto to avant-garde innovations that occur every day. Here are some recipes that are examples of this diversity of flavors and cocktails based on almonds:

Blueberry Breeze

For anyone looking for a refreshing and deliciously citrus option, this cocktail-which is also known by its Italian name, Di Saronno Carnberry Chiller-is a pretty good choice. To prepare it, it will be necessary to have the following ingredients on hand: three quarters (¾) parts almond liqueur / half ( ½ ) parts vodka / three quarters (¾ ) parts triple sec / three (3) parts cranberry juice / one (1) handful of ice cubes / orange juice / one (1) maraschino cherry / one (1) orange peel spiral.

Once all the ingredients have been gathered, the almond liqueur, triple sec, vodka and cranberry juice should be placed in a shaker. The preparation should be shaken vigorously, and strained directly into a long glass, where some ice cubes have been previously placed. The preparation is completed with orange juice. Finally, decorate the cocktail with the orange spiral and the cherry. Serve cold.

Rio de Janeiro

On the other hand, those who prefer a much more exotic flavor will also be able to try this drink called Rio de Janeiro not only because of the ingredients coming from this country they have, but it is actually a true carnival of textures and flavors. For the preparation of this drink, perhaps the best thing is to have at hand the following elements: two (2) ounces of cachaza / media ( ½ ) ounce of almond syrup / media ( ½ ) ounce of lemon juice / five (5) grams of raspberries / one (1) spark of ginger juice / one (1) handful of ice cubes.

When mixing the cocktail, it will be necessary to place inside the cocktail shaker the lemon juice, ginger juice, almond juice and cachaza. Finally add the ice, and shake vigorously. Serve directly in a cocktail glass previously cooled in the refrigerator. Add a slice of ginger and raspberry as a garnish.

Amaretto liqueur

However, perhaps the most classic way to savour the rich flavour of almonds in a drink is the amaretto liqueur itself. However, it will not be necessary to buy it commercially, as there is the possibility of preparing it at home. To do so, you will need to gather the following ingredients: five (5) cups of blond or brown sugar / half ( ½ ) cup of brandy / two (2) cups of water / two (2) teaspoons of vanilla essence / six (6) teaspoons of almond essence / three (3) cups of vodka / one (1) lemon / one and a half (1 and a half (½ ) teaspoon of unflavored gelatin.

At the moment of beginning the preparation, a pot should be placed on the fire, in which will be placed the fire, sugar and lemon peel, and let it simmer, for about thirty minutes, in order to make with it a syrup. After a while, take it off the heat and add the other ingredients, mixing well until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. It will then be stored in clean glass bottles, and once it has reached an ambient climate, take the preparation to the refrigerator for a full day, after which time it will be ready to consume.


Cocktails based on almonds
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