Cocktails based on wine

Perhaps the best thing to do before moving on to the exhibition of some of the most delicious and popular wine-based recipes is to briefly review the very definition and origin of this ancient and exquisite liqueur, which has conquered palates in every corner of the world, where there are its own versions and types.


In this way, one can begin by saying that wine is basically defined as an alcoholic beverage, obtained on the basis of the fermentation of must or grape juice. In fact, even when we speak of rice wine or other elements, in reality, by tradition the name of wine is recognized, only to the drink based on the fermentation of the grape juice.

As for the origin of this millenary drink, specialists point out that evidence has been found that suggests that wine began to be manufactured, consciously, as an alcoholic beverage from 3000 B.C., that is, during the Bronze Age. Likewise, it is believed that the land where the wine was born is located in the territories where the ancient Mesopotamian civilization was settled.

At present, the cultivation of Vitis vinifera occurs mainly in lands with a Mediterranean climate, which means that of course France, Italy and Spain assume at least half of the production of this fruit, i.e. the grape, of which 66% is used to make one of the most celebrated and enjoyed liqueurs in the world: wine, which even by some religions, such as the Catholic, is sometimes considered sacred, as well as an important part of their rituals.

Wine based cocktails

However, even though in general wine, in all its forms: white, red, rosé or green, is almost always consumed alone, simply taking care of its proper temperature, as well as the glass indicated where it should be drunk, there are also innumerable options, designed by hundreds of bartenders around the world. Some examples of this great variety of recipes of cocktails based on wine would be the following:

Mojirose Cocktail

One of the options preferred by the ladies, as well as for anyone who wants to taste a refreshing drink possessing the characteristic flavor of wine, is the Mojirose, which counts as soul to the rosé wine. Originally made by the professional barman Carlos Rodríguez, belonging to the Barmans Association of Navarre, Spain, this cocktail is prepared by hand with the following ingredients: one (1) handful of crushed ice / two (2) lemons / two hundred and fifty (250 gr.) grams of sugar / four (4) mint leaves / ten (10) milliliters of rosé wine / one (1) spark of sparkling water / some (4 0 5) raspberries.

At the moment of beginning the preparation, it will be indispensable, according to this recipe, to elaborate a syrup, for which the sugar and at least a cup of water will be placed to the fire. After the prepared syrup has been left to rest for a while, add the lemons and mint leaves, process the mixture in a blender, and take it back to rest, but this time in a refrigerator.

After a prudent time, when the mixture has cooled down, place a little of it in the bottom of a red wine glass, in which the handful of crushed ice has also been added. Take care to mix the syrup well with the ice. Likewise, the rosé wine is added, and with the help of the mixer, care is taken that the drink is mixed properly. Also add the spark of soda, and decorate with raspberries. Serve cold.

Blackeberry tail

For their part, lovers of sweet beverages but with great personality also have their option when it comes to enjoying a cocktail based on wine: the blackberry cola, which in addition to refreshing, is the perfect opportunity to taste together the delicious flavors of brandy, sherry and red wine.

To prepare it, it will be necessary to have at hand the following ingredients: one and a half (1 and ½ ) ounces of brandy / one and a half (1 and ½ ) ounce of dry sherry / one and a half (1 and ½ ) ounce of sweet sherry / one (1) ounce of red wine / four (4) ounces of preferred cola. Once all these elements are at hand, they are poured in the same order into a shaker, which is shaken vigorously. The preparation is then served in a long glass, which has previously been filled with a handful of ice.

Queen Charlotte

Likewise, lovers of red wine have another option to taste the reason for their passion with a different touch: the Queen Charlotte, preparation that besides delicious is quite chic and eye-catching. To prepare it, it will be necessary to have available some elements such as two (2) ounces of red wine / one (1) ounce of grenadine / one (1) ounce of lemon soda / one (1) handful of ice.

As for its preparation, the portals where this recipe is quoted indicate that it would be best to take a short glass, place in it ice, red wine and grenadine. The preparation is completed with lemon soda. With the help of a mixer, all the ingredients are joined and served. You can decorate this drink with two mint leaves.

Strawberry and Peach Cocktail

However, the love of wine does not have to be at odds with the love of fruit. Consequently, a good option for those who are looking for a cocktail based on wine, which has enough body and flavors is this cocktail of strawberries and peach, which also with its two colors, becomes a true spectacle of colors and textures.

At the time of preparing this recipe, you will need to have the following ingredients at hand: one (1) bottle of wine / two (2) peaches in syrup, previously frozen / two (2) glasses of strawberries, which should also be washed, chopped and frozen in advance. Consequently, the preparation of this cocktail may involve an anticipation, placing the elements in the refrigerator at least two hours before beginning with the preparation of the cocktail.

Once these elements have been gathered, two glasses of wine and peaches will be processed in the blender, obtaining a homogeneous mixture with a consistency quite similar to that of ice cream. This preparation is kept apart. The strawberries are then made in exactly the same way. Again, take both preparations to the freezer for about fifteen minutes.

The idea is that they don’t look so liquid. After this time, the cocktail should be served, for this simply take a short glass, fill it up to half with strawberry cocktail, while on this is served the peach cocktail. Decorate it with some peppermint leaves and serve it cold.

Fruit Cocktail

Another option for those who love wine and fruit is this cocktail, which blends the delicious flavors of berries with the delicious flavor of red wine. This way, at the moment of elaborating it it will be necessary to have to disposition the following ingredients: three hundred fifty (350 gr.) grams of fruits of the forest (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cherries, etc.) / one (1) bottle of red wine / one (1) glass of lemon soda / two (2) spoonfuls of sugar.

At the beginning of the preparation, all the ingredients must be taken to a blender, where they will be processed until a fairly homogeneous mixture is obtained. Take this preparation to the freezer for at least six hours. Once this time has elapsed, and assuming that the preparation is totally frozen, it is taken back to the blender until obtaining a creamy preparation with a texture quite similar to a milkshake. It is served in a hurricane-type glass. It is decorated with mint leaves.


Finally, there would not exist a complete recipe book of cocktails based on wine, if it did not note some recipe of the popular and always requested sangria. Although there are dozens of versions of this drink, where each region or creator has placed its own touch, perhaps one of the most common and easy to prepare is this recipe, which is made by mixing the rich flavors of brandy, wine and citrus fruits.

At the time of preparing this sangria recipe, you will begin by gathering the following ingredients: three hundred (300 ml) milliliters / seventy (70 ml) milliliters of brandy / seventy (70) milliliters of orange juice, which may be natural, only you will be careful to observe that it has no pulp / two hundred and fifty (250 gr.) grams of various fruits, you can choose between the following fruits: orange, peach, strawberry, pineapple, etc. , which must have been previously washed, chopped and frozen.

Having all these elements at hand, they are then poured into a blender, where they are processed to obtain the most homogeneous mixture possible. They are then served in a glass of red wine, or even in a hurricane-type glass, which can be decorated with thin slices of orange. Also with peppermint leaves. Serve cold.

Whichever cocktail you want to make, remember that too many intoxicating drinks are harmful to your health and that minors should not have access to them. If you liked this article, share it and write your comments. You can also suggest what topics you want us to write about. Your opinion is very valuable to us.


Cocktails based on wine
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October 31, 2019

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