Cocktails based on yerba mate

If there is one thing that is passionate about the inhabitants of the south of the American continent, it is yerba mate, which is taken popularly in the form of an infusion, especially by Argentines, Uruguayans, Paraguayans and in some areas of Brazil.

On the mate

However, before advancing on the versatility of this plant, it would be wise to pause for a moment to review the nature and origin of this herb, which has millions of lovers in the world. In this sense, most sources agree that matte is an herb, belonging to the holly family, which has the scientific name Ilex parauariensis.

Also, the specialists highlight the American origin of this plant, which was cultivated and consumed by the Guarani people hundreds of years before the Spaniards conquered the American continent, so it is then also considered a herb ancestral properties, and originating, which is also attributed great medicinal and beneficial properties to the body.

Cocktails based on yerba mate

Even though this herb is usually consumed in the form of an infusion, which is prepared directly in the matte in which it is to be taken, adding a little hot water, and in some cases – according to particular preferences – a touch of sugar, the love of mate has made every day more chefs and bartenders who dare to include in their preparations this symbol of Latin American Southern culture.

Proof of this is the popularization that has had in recent years the use of matte in the preparation of cocktails, which are also understood as an evolution of the popular tereré, preparation of cold matte and that is consumed especially in hot or summer seasons. However, you should not be an expert in the field or visit a specialized place to consume some of these cocktails prepared based on yerba mate, because it will suffice a little inspiration and follow some of the recipes that are set out below:

Mate cocktail

This cocktail is one of the most popular among the regulars to include the yerba mate in their drinks. To prepare it it will be necessary to have at hand the following elements: one (1) handful of crushed ice / one (1) cold liter of matte infusion / two (2) glasses of dry / medium vermounth ( 1/2) glass of cognac / eight (8) tablespoons sugar / one (1) glass of orange juice / 8 or 10 roda Lemon jas, to decorate.

A large glass jug should be available at the time of preparation of this cocktail, which allows you to see the preparation. It will then start by making in the glass bowl a bed of lemon slices. The cold matte infusion, the rest of the liquid ingredients and sugar will then be poured in and stired with the help of a mixer, until all the ingredients have been incorporated. It is brought to the table, and served in long glasses, which can also be decorated with a slice of lemon.

Traditional Santa Ana

Another ideal option for those who like non-alcoholic cocktails is the Traditional Santa Ana, which is characterized by offering the palate the bitter taste of matte, sugar sweetness and lemon freshness. To prepare it it will be essential to have on hand about two hundred and fifty grams (250 grs.) of yerba mate / three hundred (300 cc) cubic centimeters of hot water / two hundred (200 cc) cubic centimeters of lemon juice / some leaves of yerbabuena or mint / two (2) spoonfuls of sugar.

Gathered together all the ingredients, it will start by preparing the infusion of yerba mate, for which it will be mixed with hot water. After a few minutes, the preparation will be strained, in order to obtain the infusion. Once it has cooled, then a well or long glass should be taken, where the leaves of good grass will be added, which will be macerated with sugar and lemon. Finally, the matte infusion is added.

Summer mate

Finally, another of the refreshing drinks that can be prepared with this yerba is the summer mate, which perfectly combines the bitterness of matte, the freshness of citrus and the energy of rum. To prepare it it will be relevant to gather the following elements: one (1) tangerine / one (1) orange / one (1) lemon / four (4) tablespoons of honey / one liter of cold infusion of yerba mate / four (4) ounces of white rum.

Also, a large glass jug will be used to make this cocktail. It will then begin by peeling and chopping the fruits into wedges. They will be added to the jug, will pour the infusion of yerba mate, honey and finally rum. Everything will be mixed until smooth preparation is obtained. It is served in long glasses, which can be garnished with a slice of orange or lemon, as well as with some sprig of weed.

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Cocktails based on yerba mate
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September 26, 2019

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