Critical essay about education

Estanislao Zuleta, has already specifically considered that education is a combat field and that it is at such a specialized and so elementary time, thata high school graduate knows a lot, but at the same time very hardly receive it in a job.

Estanislao Zuleta, has already specifically considered that education is a combat field and that it is at such a spe...

Critical essay about education

Well, far from wanting to prepare an essay at Zuleta’s level, I do want to leave my personal perception and question as to whether education really educates, or whether it is just a requirement, a formalism, an extensive journey to obtain a degree, a diploma.

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Does education really educate?

We must differentiate between educating, memorizing something and learning and practicing urbanity standards.

When a student wants to pass all subjects as the best student, he or she should only memorize. The more memory you have, the more ability to remember what the teacher explains – like a parrot – the more likely you are to be the best student in the class. But this does not imply that that student is intelligent or educated or is the most moral and ethical, and that he or she acts ethically.

Today’s education system does not generate ethical, civic, moral incorruptibility people. It should be, to the attention that it is not a monastery, but it should contribute to that.

But the saddest thing is that it also doesn’t teach people to be intelligent and – least of all – to live smartly, to live intelligently (so the essential thing is to memorize, and not to exercise inventiveness).

So we already have two capital aspects in which it is failing.

Now, what does education mean? What is educating? It means driving into knowledge. Towards the knowledge of what? Towards a full knowledge, of everything, of himself, of the system, of the functionalism of the universe, etc.

However, students do not know themselves and it is unfortunate that this happens. People are born and die without knowing the purpose of their lives. That’s very sad; it’s like being in a job and not knowing what work you should do in that job. It’s like being in a job and never wondering how it got there.

Education should create consenting and awake citizens, but what it does is plunge them into ignorance. Educating means leading to knowledge, but the current education system is not designed for it. Why? Because education pensums are designed by the owners of the world and the system, and it is not in their interest for the owners of the world and the system to wake up, but to remain part of the system as a kind of slave. Yes, one is educated with the aim of getting a job and making money for another person, who in turn – in a large pyramid – does so to the owners of the system.


Thus, the baccalaureate, the high school, the high school, etc., gives us a degree that trains us for nothing, that tells us: it has to go on, keep preparing and thus takes half our lives. Forty years ago a high schooler was able to be a manager of a company; however not now, education continues, continues in a circle or a kind of “education industry”.

The education industry

But why an education industry? Let’s see that this is a round business for governments.

Serves as a control mechanism

The hidden reason for education to become so extensive is not because crowds need to spend half their lives studying (we thoroughly know that a career would be learned – seeing the really essential and what we are going to apply – in two Years. Even in those two years, we would be specialists in an exclusive area of knowledge, but because they need to have the crowds occupied in something.

What if it wasn’t? Governments would simply be much more unoccupied than there are today, and that would be dismal, that would be the end. The population would get out of control, and even they themselves would have to seek some shelter.

It serves to keep people in ignorance

Education has the wonderful mechanism that fills us with a lot of data, a lot of information, but we remain ignorant. It’s funny, but it is. We learn many things we could do without, but we don’t learn the essentials.

If we learned the essentials, there would be a revolution for all kinds of control to end; whether it is economic, cultural, agricultural, medical (medicine, another rotten pot), social, etc.,so that everyone is free and independent. But it is in the interest of governments that people remain ignorant, with the false feeling of “knowing everything,” in order to submit it.

It’s good to get money out of people

The people pay the education system so that 1) keep them ignorant and 2) to allow them to be slaves. Yes, slaves of the system. Sure, there’s talk of work, work- or job, but that’s a suit or something exclusive to a few. Most of the town is paid a pittance. When slavery existed, bad that slaves were right to food (to continue to carry out their activities), to clothing and shelter. At present, a minimum wage for food is no longer enough. However, it is a form of make-up slavery in which we think we are free because we can go to get drunk or to the disco.

And best of all, you pay for it. Quite a round business, don’t you think? Now, I am not saying that I do not touch study, that it does not touch to prepare (because surely those of the system will come in sture). What I’m saying is that the education system, on its very foundations, should be changed.

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