Critical essay definition

The critical essay is a genus that could be considered as recent. Today, it is listed as one more literary genre and is widely used in academia as an effective tool in learning and developing mental skill, specifically in reflection, analytical ability, fluency to talk about a specific topic, among other benefits.

A literary resource that allows you to express yourself more naturally

It can be done on any kind of question, in a natural and spontaneous way. Although the ideas that are being exposed must be argued, it is of a subjective character. It is written in the first person, since it is applying and proposing an idea or opinion about a certain topic, whether social, scientific, news, etc.

One of the primary characteristics of these writings is that it is enriched with anecdotes, famous phrases, proverbs, personal experiences, among other factors. There is a literary genre called ‘the documentary’, but it does not mean that since these critical essays are documented, it is precisely a documentary.

This is a short essay, stipulated specifically for a general public. It does not have an order as regards the ideas presented, but it does have a structure of the genre, the elements of which are the introduction, the development of the content and the conclusions.

A good critical essay usually begins by asking an open question, of a topic that can be seen from many perspectives and raise your own, as an alternative or response to that problem. It is a kind of debate and must therefore be written by putting itself in the shoes of those who read, especially in the introductory part.

At the end of the text, you can close with a brooch, asking one or more questions that immerse the reader in reflecting and deepening what was presented in the document. It should be said that quotations are always enclosed in quotation marks and are the arguments of the approach that is formulated.

Critical essay definition
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June 30, 2019

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