Cucumber-based recipes

Perhaps the best thing to do before exposing some of the most popular cucumber-based recipes is to briefly review some facts about this fruit, considered one of the most nutritious and health-promoting foods.

Cucumber-based recipes


In this way, one can begin by saying that the cucumber, although generally considered as a vegetable, is actually a fruit, which is born from an herb, typical of the family of cucurbits. Likewise, the scientific name of the cucumber is Cucumis sativus. As for its origin, specialists believe that the cucumber arose in India, where philological findings made in the fourth oldest text in India, the Rig-veda (approximately 1000 BC) suggest that this fruit was cultivated by the Indian culture approximately three thousand years ago.

Nutritional properties

According to most sources, cucumber is composed of 97% water, which is why it is such a refreshing fruit. It also has a large amount of fiber and important minerals, including potassium, iron, calcium and magnesium, components that make the cucumber an ideal food to nourish, regenerate tissues, combat fatigue and protect the cardiovascular system.

On the other hand, the cucumber is also considered a great source of vitamins, among which stand out being a great source of vitamins A, C, B and E, as well as ascorbic acid, so its consumption within the usual diet will guarantee the body the intake of a product that encourages cell regeneration, the proper functioning of organs, adequate hydration, healthy skin, among other benefits.

Recipes based on cucumber

This amount of nutrients and properties leads to the conclusion that cucumbers should be consumed on a regular basis. However, most people associate the cucumber with salads, which does not always seem attractive, or on the contrary the short time can be boring. However, salad is not the only way to eat this important fruit. Here are some fun cucumber recipes.

Cold Cucumber Soup

Besides being a main ingredient of the classic Spanish gazpacho, with the cucumber you can also prepare several cold soups, which are ideal for a hot day, or a nutritious breakfast. To prepare this delicious cold cucumber-based soup, you will need to have the following ingredients on hand: two (2) large / medium cucumbers ( ½ ) cup of chives chopped into small pieces / two (2) cups of natural yogurt, no sugar / medium (1/2) teaspoon of sea salt / one (1) teaspoon of dill powder.

Once these ingredients have been gathered, they will then be placed in equal order in a food processor or blender. The preparation is processed until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. It is served in a container, and taken to the refrigerator for about an hour, so that it cools, and can also become much creamier. It is served cold, and can be decorated with some dill leaves.

Cucumber and avocado detox

The cucumber can also be used to prepare nutritious, detoxifying and delicious drinks. An example of this is this creamy and refreshing détox, which can be ideal to start the day. To prepare it you will need to have the following ingredients at hand: one (1) pear / one (1) creamy ripe avocado / one (1) large / medium cucumber ( ½ ) celery branch / one (1) lemon / one (1) handful of parsley / two (2) tablespoons of fresh thyme.

Before starting with the preparation, it will be necessary to wash each of the ingredients very well, as well as soak in white vinegar for a few minutes celery, parsley, unpeeled cucumber and even thyme, so that the vinegar cuts the pesticides that may still contain these vegetables. Once this is done, we will then proceed to make an infusion of thyme. To do this, add two tablespoons of thyme to two cups of hot water and let it rest for a few minutes. After this, it is taken to the refrigerator to be cooled -if you want to consume the cold drink- or it is allowed to take room temperature.

Later, in the glass of the blender the pear, the pulp of the avocado, the cucumber, the juice of lemon, the parsley, the twig of celery and the grated of a lemon are poured. The thyme infusion is also added and processed into a creamy drink. It is served and decorated with a parsley leaf and lemon zest. This drink can be consumed with walnuts or hazelnuts.

Cucumber chips

Another way to consume cucumber in a fun, nutritious and healthy way is the chip cucumber, an ideal substitute for chips, in those days of cravings that don´t combine with diet or a healthy diet. To prepare it you will need to use the following elements: one (1) large cucumber / one (1) cup of coconut or almond flour / coconut oil / sea salt.

The cucumber is washed very well, and immersed in vinegar for a few minutes. Then this is cut into slices, the thickness of preference. Salt is added to reduce the bitter taste of this fruit. If desired, pepper can also be added. Once this step has been completed, bread the cucumber slices in the almond flour and fry them in the coconut oil until they are golden and crunchy. At the moment of eating, they can be dressed with a little olive oil or avocado.


Cucumber-based recipes
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