Curiosities of human skin

The skin is the largest organ of the human body and in addition to this it is very fascinating and complex because through it are absorbed most of the substances and nutrients that our body needs for its subsistence.

Curiosities of human skin

Many mysteries border the human body

All skin is renewed every 28 days and in its entirety represents 15% of the total weight of a human the thinnest part of the skin is in the blinks and the thickest on the soles of the feet.

Every day humans lose between 20 and 120 hairs of their entire body and every minute more than 30,000 skin cells are lost. All skin is covered by more than 1000 types of bacteria and the feet can have 14 different types of fungi.

50% of the dust and grime collected daily in an average household is made up of the dead skin of all members of the family. One in 100,000 people are born with albinism which is a genetic disorder where there is no pigmentation of the skin hair and eyes.

Acne is an evil that affects 80% of the world’s population, with women being the hardest hit because one in twenty women suffer from this evil, while only one in a hundred men suffer from it and four in five adolescents experience this discomfort.

Vitamin A is the main nutrient that the skin needs to stay healthy as it treats the damage caused by the sun and prevents the appearance of cellulite on the other hand vitamin D reduces stains and vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that regenerates all the tissue or prevent aging.

What other interesting facts do you know about the skin, the body’s largest organ?

Curiosities of human skin
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