Curiosities of wedding dresses

Wedding dresses are a garment worn by women, during the wedding ceremony, whose color and design depends on the culture and religion of the contractors.

Wedding dresses have not always had a tail, as this began to be worn in the sixteenth century, as a sign of power and prestige, so with the length and decoration was deduced the social scale to which the family of the bride belonged.

The Western tradition dates back to 1840, following Queen Victoria’s marriage to Albert of Saxony. The Queen chose a white dress for such an important ceremony, so to this day in the West, she is used to wearing white dresses.

Tradition and its meanings

Supposedly, the dress of this color, symbolizes the purity of the heart and the innocence of childhood.

In Chinese, it is customary to wear red dresses, which for Asians means a color associated with good luck and good fortune. But the tradition has varied somewhat in recent decades, because of the influence of the mass media, which have been responsible for Westernizing the East.

It’s no longer uncommon to see a Chinese marriage, in which the bride wears a white dress. In India, it is customary to wear Saris, which are traditional garments, mostly made with silk; in Hindu weddings, the color white or cream is always used, although in the past, for this ritual the color purple was carried.

The world’s longest wedding dress

The wedding dress with the longest tail in the world, was made in 2014 by a major tailor’s academy in China; The tail of the dress is 4,100 meters long.

The dress has a very light design and is made of gauze fabric, so its manufacture took 3 months and measures 1.5 meters wide, with a value of approximately 5,200 euros; it was presented publicly, on September 24, 2014 in the Ziyixiangxun Valley, with a beautiful spectacle that formed a geometric drawing, on the fields.

In the Guinness Records book, there is a wedding dress with a 2,750-meter tail, which was made in 2013, in Romania, which is why the Chinese are still waiting to be included in such an important contest.

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Curiosities of wedding dresses
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August 28, 2019

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