Description of Christopher Columbus

The discoverer of America was, apparently, of medium height, with an oval face, a white face, gray semi-curly hair, aged by age.

The conqueror of America was Jewish

He is represented with clear eyes, long but slightly thin eyebrows. He was characterized because it wore a bonnet.

Its origin was Jewish and has been directly related to Freemasonry. In the time of the conqueror, the Jewish people were very persecuted. On March 31, 1492, Queen Isabella of Spain and her husband King Ferdinand ordered that all Jews should be expelled from that nation. Around 800,000 Jews not baptized in Catholicism were affected.

But those Jews who accepted the conditions demanded by the crown, were subjected to renounce their dogma and accept one hundred percent Catholic doctrine. These people were called “the converts”. Many of them only pretended to convert to that religion, to save their lives and stay in Spain. In secret, they met to perform their rites.

According to several investigators, Columbus was part of those secret Zionist groups, who adopted the structure of the old Freemasonry and little by little infiltrated it until it completely dominated it. This was a description of the physical features, but not of the temperament, psychological traits or behavior.

End of Description of Christopher Columbus.

Description of Christopher Columbus
Source: Education  
June 17, 2019

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