Description of the most important historical figures

This is a classification of Wikipedia that presents the 100 most important characters in history. It is important to clarify that in the list there is no order of relevance, since each one, in his area and in his contributions are unique. It is accompanied with a brief description of the most significant contribution, invention or main work.

Many of his teachings were lost

Thanks to these characters, today’s humanity has been able to achieve great advances, a medical, sociological, spiritual and scientific level. Over time, movements and religions were created that adopt one of these great beings as their main representative and, unfortunately, lend themselves to the whole class of fanaticisms that are diverting the true message and teachings that these wise men will deliver. We see some of them:

1 Isaac Newton English Scientist

2 Jesus Christ Founder of Christianity

3 Buddha Founder of Buddhism.

4 Confucius Chinese philosopher.

5 Mohammed Founder of Islam.

6 Paul of Tarsus Apostle and Christian saint, promoter of Christianity

7 Cai Lun Inventor of paper.

8 Johannes Gutenberg Reinventor of the printing press (invented in 1048 by the Chinese bi sheng).

9 Christopher Columbus First European that made America known in Europe.

10 Albert Einstein German-Swiss-American scientist.

11 Louis Pasteur French biochemist.

12 Galileo Galilei Italian scientist.

13 Aristotle Greek philosopher.

14 Euclid Greek mathematicians.

15 Moses Religious leader of the people of Israel.

16 Charles Darwin British biologist.

17 Qin Shi Huang First emperor and unifier of China.

18 August First Roman emperor.

19 Nicolás Copérnico Polish Astronomer.

20 Antoine Lavoisier French chemist.

21 Constantine the Great Roman Emperor.

22 James Watt British scientist and inventor.

23 Michael Faraday British scientist and inventor.

24 James Clerk Maxwell British physicist.

25 Martin Luther Creator of Protestantism.

26 George Washington American policy.

27 Karl Marx German philosopher.

28 Wright Brothers Orville and Wilbur, creators of the first airplane

29 Genghis Khan Mongolian military leader.

30 Adam Smith, British economist.

31 William Shakespeare British writer.

32 John Dalton British scientist.

33 Alexander the Great Political and military Greek.

34 Napoleon Bonaparte French politician and military.

35 Thomas Alba Edison American inventor.

36 Anton van Leeuwenhoek Dutch scientist, inventor of the microscope

37 William Morton Inventor of anesthesia.

38 Guglielmo Marconi Italian inventor of the radio.

39 Adolf Hitler German politician.

40 Platon Greek philosopher.

41 Oliver Cromwell British politician.

42 Alexander Graham Bell Scottish scientist, inventor of the telephone

43 Alexander Fleming Scottish scientist, discoverer of penicillin

44 John Locke British philosopher.

45 Ludwig van Beethoven German musician.

46 Werner Heisenberg German scientist.

47 Louis Daguerre French scenographer, principal inventor of photography.

48 Simón Bolívar South American independence leader.

49 Rene Descartes French philosopher.

50 Miguel angel Sculptor

51 Urban II Italian Pope

52 Omar Arab Military

53 Ashoka Indian Emperor

54 Augustine of Hippo Religious and Algerian philosopher

55 William Harvey English physician

56 Ernest Rutherford New Zealand physicist.

57 Juan Calvino French theologian

58 Gregor Mendel Discoverer of the laws of genetic inheritance.

59 Max Planck German physicist.

60 Joseph Lister Impeller of asepsis in surgical operations

61 Nikolaus August Otto Creator of the internal combustion engine.

62 Francisco Pizarro Spanish

63 Hernán Cortes Spanish Conquistador

64 Thomas Jefferson Politician and American philosopher.

65 Isabel la Católica Although also fernando

66 Iosif Stalin Russian Communist Politician.

67 Julius Cesar Political and Roman military.

68 Guillermo I English King.

69 Sigmund Freud Austrian doctor

70 Edward Jenner Inventor of the smallpox vaccine.

71 Wilhelm Röntgen Discoverer of x-rays.

72 Johann Sebastian Bach German musician.

73 Lao Tse Chinese philosopher.

74 Voltaire (François Marie Arouet) French philosopher.

75 Johannes Kepler German astronomer.

76 Enrico Fermi Inventor of the first reactor based on atomic energy

77 Leonhard Euler Swiss mathematician.

78 Jean-Jacques Rousseau Swiss philosopher.

79 Nicolas Machiavelli Italian politician and philosopher.

80 Thomas Malthus British economist

81 John F. Kennedy American President

82 Gregory Pincus Creator of the contraceptive pill.

83 Iranian Religious Mani

84 Lenin (Vladimir Illich Ulianov) Russian politician

85 Sui Went-Ti Unifier of china after shih huang-ti.

86 Basque of Portuguese Marine Range

87 Cyrus II the Great Persian Emperor.

88 Peter I of Russia Russian Emperor

89 Mao Zedong O mao tse-tung

90 Francis Bacon British philosopher

91 Henry Ford Inventor of chain and automobile production.

92 Mencio Confucian philosopher.

93 Zoroaster Father of Zoroastrianism

94 Isabel I English queen.

95 Mikhail Gorbachev Dismantled communism from within the Soviet Union.

96 Menes First pharaoh of unified Egypt.

97 Charlemagne Creator of an empire that would include the current France and Germany and that served as inspiration for further attempts at European unification.

98 Homero Blind Greek poet

99 Justinian I Byzantine Emperor.

100 Mahavira Indian Religious

Sobre ellos se ha tegido todo un enigma y en la actualidad, se ha llegado a dudar mucho sobre la existencia de Jesucristo y os otros personajes de esta lista. No se podría dejar de lado en este artículo,  aquel genio que la historia ocultó y no quiso mencionar casi para absolutamente nada. Pero sin él, nada de la tecnología actual que conocemos, se hubiera podido desarrollar.

Y como consecuencia de la desviación de su mensaje a asuntos superficiales, se desarrolló el fanatismo y durante años, varios grupos seguidores de estas personalidades en su país e idiosincrasia, encausaron cruentas guerras para imponer a los demás pueblos sus creencias y adoctrinaciones.

End of Description of the most important historical figures

Description of the most important historical figures
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June 17, 2019

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