Dimensional bodies

Because the Social System educated us and taught us to be hard-to-work materialistic, we are unaware that we not only possess a body. But apart from the physical body, inward there are other bodies of energy type.

The existential bodies of Being

Each body has been manufactured with the aim of being able to move and experiment in each of the seven basic dimensions of the Universe. Therefore, we have seven bodies, although specifically, 3 of them must be built and four of us already have them.

The bodies we have are: the physical body, which was born from the sexual union of a man and a woman and allows us to move through the third dimension. The vital body, for the fourth dimension and is the one that gives the duration of life and the health of the physical body. The Humdic, in the sixth dimension, which in itself is our Divine Soul; and the Atmic Body, which in itself is our Intimate, in the seventh dimension.

The bodies we have yet to create are: astral, mental and causal. Each of the seven handles particular laws and functions. The only way to create the missing ones, regenerate them and activate them, is with the Arcane AZF or supra sexuality technique.

Physical: it is vibrating with the musical note Do. Ruled by 48 laws in nature, which forms fabrics. This solarized and regenerated body grants the powers over the Earth element, the Gnomes, and Pygmies. At this point its state is lunar and the Arcane AZF should be used to reactivate it and make it solar.

Vital: it is the second body of our integral, physical-energy constitution. His physical seat is in the Sacred bone of the Column. The Note Re is its characteristic vibration, handled by 48 laws just like the physical, only higher. Whoever solarizes this body with Suprasex will have powers to command the Water element and its Divine Intelligences: Ondinas and Nereidas. Its essence is the ether and is deeply linked to the physical body. If one disappears, the other too.

Astral: we don’t have this body, but we have a seed. This astral seed is the body with which we see ourselves in the world of dreams. The astral world is the world of dreams. Its nature is molecules and has all the powers over the Element Fire. We must germinate that seed and turn it into the Solar Astral Corps. With 4this body we can visit all the Astros of the universe, hence its name: “astral”. Also with this body we can travel instantly in time and space. The intelligences of Fire are the Salamanders.

Mental: like the astral one, we only have one seed of the Mental. With that single seed, we can think. However, we do not have one mind but millions of minds. Each of the psychological flaws has its own mind. By creating this Solar body we will form our own individual mind. In addition, we will gain the powers over the Silfos and Silfides, which are the Divine Intelligences of the Air.

Causal: it is also known as the Body of Conscious Will. We only possess it in a seed vibrating with the sun note. If we were to create this magnificent vehicle of Being, we would have all the powers of Nature. We could order storms, calm earthquakes, order the sea open in two, talk to animals, order elementals, etc. Whoever possesses a body of the Solar Will is a true Man. Distinguish yourself between an intellectual animal wrongly called man, from a real man who has created and regenerated the 7 Existential Bodies of Being. This body would allow us to move through the Lower Sixth Dimension, which is the world of causes. Its nature is electronic and has power over the ether element.

Reason: this is the body of Consciousness, our Divine Soul or Soul Mate. Its nature is protons, that is, it is magnetic. This body has powers over the element of the Sound, which is the Akasha. The central point where its energy root is located is in the blaxhole, in the pituitary gland. This body is created and is not waiting, but in order to access Him and his Hidden Powers, we must first create and regenerate the five below.

Mymic: it is the sacred armor of our Intimate, who is our Particular Inner God. Our Spirit. It is located in the seventh dimension and its energy center is in the pineal gland. Like the Humdic, it is unused until we get the work done with the first five. Its nature is light or photons. We can contact Him through the Transcendental Meditation Technique.

Procedure for the Creation of Dimensional Bodies

In the first instance, a partner of the opposite sex is required, which must be one and nothing more than one, with no chance of changing. You must live with her in a Perfect Gnostic Marriage and practice Sexual Transmutation, a hidden technique spoken of in an exclusive post. This couple must also work on the same spiritual matters.

On the other hand, it is essential to save sexual energy, balancing each of the seven centers of the human machine and never of the fornicating, ejaculating, reaching orgasm. Intensive work must be done on a daily basis to understand the fornicatory self and all its great and tiny manifestations, until perfect scientific chastity is achieved.

The secret is the sexual connection without reaching orgasm and with movements too slow and socave not to extract a single drop of the Energy Treasure that will allow us to create these fabulous bodies and become true white wizards, with powers to work all the Nature.

The only way to change the partner is because of physical death, sexual adultery or because the sex organs of either are stunted for the job, such as tubal ligation, vasectomy, etc.

A key point to bear in mind is that one must first study and fully understand the gnostic doctrine of Venerable Master Samael Aun Weor, Kalki Avatara of the Age of Aquarius and who revealed in detail this knowledge hidden from all mankind. These mystical sciences were never taught in public, but since the coming of Grand Master Samael, his disciples spread them all over the face of the earth.

Dimensional bodies
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June 30, 2019

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