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Today’s society has grown a lot in technology and science, however over the years it also seems to be entrenching certain stereotypes that – repeated over and over again by the media – try to impose the ideal model of human to follow, leaving for outside all vestige of diversity.

This situation – which we see every day – rounds the inhuman, because there is nothing more diverse than civilization, because we are of different sizes, shapes, colors, while having different tastes, characters, passions and personalities. In this sense, the imposition of a stereotype would leave out most humans who don´t conform to it.

On this occasion we want to share some phrases about disability, believing that this is a trait of the human being that most evident makes the fact that we are all different.

However, the phrases presented here do not seek at all to establish a look of mercy or pity towards human beings with some kind of special aptitude, on the contrary seeks to gather that spirit of courage and humanity that reminds us that anyone – fit into the role model or not- is a human being constantly struggling to achieve happiness.

Here are some phrases about disability pronounced by some people with special abilities:

Olga Bejano

“Any life is unique and unrepeatable and has as much value as another. If there was a life of no importance, none would be important.” (Olga Bejano)

In this sentence, this Spanish author, who was left pentaplegic after a complication during surgery, raises the immense value that human beings have as a living being at last. In this sense, Bejano puts above any particular circumstance, characteristic or condition the simple fact that each human being has, being unique and unrepeatable.

From the point of view of this writer, who lived twenty years with total motor disability, all lives are equally important and valuable. In this way disability would not place or diminish the value of a person as a human being and member of humanity.

Maickel Melamed

“Nothing worthwhile is done alone.” (Maickel Melamed)

For his part, this Venezuelan marathoner with complete engine delay, and who in recent years has participated in several competitions such as the famous New York Marathon, refers to the importance of teamwork. Melamed counts for the development of his competences with the support of a team, with which he travels and traines, in order to bring to the world the message that anything one intends to achieve can be achieved.

Perhaps that is why Melamed has a habit of always speaking in the plural, a circumstance by which he points out that he receives certain jokes and slats, however in reference he defends himself with this phrase that speaks of the importance of working in collective to achieve great things.

Perhaps Melamed means that if all humans were to unite for good none would be helpless, while with his phrase he also points out that individualism doesn´t produce great achievements. It is in a team that any circumstance is overcome.

Nick Vujiic

“Fear is the greatest disability of all.” (Nick Vujiic)

So too this Australian writer with tetra-amelia syndrome, that is, who was born without arms and legs, refers to fear as the greatest disability of all.

In this sense it could be inferred that the writer wants to take the meaning of limit that the common denominator of people places on the word disability. Doing so dictates that fear is the great limiting because it is precisely that feeling that doesn´t let you move, move forward or achieve things.

In this way – according to Vujic’s thinking – it isn´t to have legs or not to have arms that prevents us from moving or achieving those proposed goals, but fear the only thing that can paralyze us and leave us still by the side of the road.

Liu Wei

“No one says the piano should be played with their hands.” (Liu Wei)

In a totally tone that could be defined as frontal and even a little sarcastic, this Chinese pianist without arms gives us a bath of reality by breaking in the face one more paradigm than those with whom we live daily.

In the face of this phrase we have nothing left but to smile as we understand and discover that certainly no one has said that a piano should be played exclusively with the fingers of the hand, as long as the artist has enough virtuousness to make birth of his keys the right notes of each piece will be making art, as valuable as that of any pianist with his two hands and his ten fingers.

Thus, Wei gives us another point of view, teaching us that there can be many from which to see each of the things that make up the world.

Pablo Pineda

“What I have special are parents and an environment that has fought because it is as autonomous as possible.” (Pablo Pineda)

Finally this phrase of this actor and psychopedagogue with down syndrome, who was the first Spanish citizen with this condition to attend and graduate from a university, seems to go directly to that label of “special” that tends to be given to people with cognitive conditions.

In this way, Pineda states that he is not any special human being, but what makes him lucky is to have an environment that focused on giving him the most tools, so that – from his abilities and according to his needs – he could achieve the greatest amount of inde possible pendency, that would allow him to integrate into society as a productive being, while being able to depend not on anyone or almost anyone to live.

That is, to achieve the adult life to which we all have the right, regardless of the particular condition of each one. In the light of Pablo Pineda’s words it seems then that with tools, without fears or paradigms there are many things that can be achieved, you only need to open your mind, eyes and heart.

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Disability Quotes
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August 31, 2019

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