Essay about advertising

Advertising is a form of commercial communication aimed at selling a product or service. And that is exactly what drives the economy globally. While it is true that all this is achieved through a workforce and employment, it is also true that the world of work would not be able to sustain itself without sales. And those sales are largely achieved through advertising.

The key to success lies in advertising

Advertising is an intermediary factor between sales and consumption, which in turn affects the employability of the population rather than the employer’s guidelines. If a company sells its product or service it obtains yields that allow to hire more employees and to expand, but if it happens on the contrary and the sales contract, mass layoffs occur.

If a product is sold, it is very feasible for the company that sells or sells it, to grow and, as it grows, generate more employment. But how to originate those sales? How to enhance them? The answer is one: through advertising. If we have understood well, we will realize the profound impact that advertising has at all levels, to the point of being able to generate an economic impact on society. Or a cultural impact. The consumption of a certain service or product thanks to an effective publicity can become a pattern of consumption, in a fashion, in a cultural factor.

Such advertising must be assertive, it must motivate the user to consumption, it must show clearly and specifically what a product or service is for, its goodness, its quality, its price-benefit ratio, etc. But advertising is also used very effectively in other environments such as politics, or positioning a brand, to sell concepts or ideas, etc.

And this is so true that we can easily relate brands like Coca-Cola to happiness (thanks to advertising) or to Microsoft with technology. Thus, the impact of effective advertising is profound and can mark the success or failure of a product and, what’s more, a company.


Essay about advertising
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June 14, 2019

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