Essay about Chernobyl Nuclear disaster

The Chernobyl nuclear disaster refers to an accident on April 26, 1986, when at 1:23 a.m. exploded and the reactor number 4 of the nuclear power plant in the town of Chernobyl was burned, 31 people dying in the place, two because of the explosion and 29 because of the radiation; They were all plant workers.

The Chernobyl nuclear disaster refers to an accident on April 26, 1986, when at 1:23 a.m. exploded and the reactor n...

Essay about Chernobyl Nuclear disaster

A horror movie in real life

This explosion produced the release and diffusion of an enormous amount of radioactive material into the atmosphere, thus allowing a large area of countries such as Ukraine,the Russian Federation and Belarus to be contaminated.

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The accident occurred after a series of human errors in the treatment of the reactor, when, finally, a turbine was disconnected from the steam line in order to perform a test. When this manoeuvre was carried out, the tension that fed the pumps underwent several changes, forming vapour bubbles in the nucleus that elevated the radioactivity to a high degree, and thus also its power, causing a huge explosion.

Some of the materials and a certain amount of fuel were thrown away due to the explosion, causing more than 30 fires in the vicinity, charging many lives due to fire and over exposure to radioactive material.

The consequences were and have remained lethal

The consequences of this disaster over the years are quite difficult to calculate, because exposure to the radiation exposed to the inhabitants of contaminated localities is likely to continue to affect their health.

The IAEA, or International Atomic Energy Agency, states that because of the Chernobyl explosion on 26 April 1986, some 4,000 people would have died. However, and more than 20 years after the disaster, it is estimated that some 93,000 people would have died of cancer as a result of radiation.

This figure comes from 2 billion people exposed to radioactive rain, among which 270,000 would have developed some type of cancer, including leukemia, thyroid cancer, intestinal cancer, breast, rectal, bladder, lung and Kidney.

Not only can health consequences such as cancer be seen, but cardiovascular diseases were also developed from which some 200,000 people would have died, not to mention the countless number of children born with terrible Malformations.

An imminent danger

Scientists have been warning the world all these years, that the sarcophagus that served to cover the radioactive leak, for more than a decade has been fracturing, because the pressure is huge and according to calculations, the day will come when it explodes and causes a great Tailor, nothing compared to the 80 ‘ decade, which triggered everything. If urgent action is not taken, that fate is almost inevitable.

Once again it is shown that extracting electrical energy through these complex nuclear plants is a blunder that has always been out of control, because in reality little is what the human being has come to discover of the powerful world atomic.

Little is spoken about in the mass media, obviously not to create panic, but the situation is high-gravity, as happened in Fukushima, Japan, nuclear accident that ended up polluting the Pacific Ocean with dangerous radiation. Write your comments.

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