Essay about Discipline

In general, discipline is understood as the instruction that a person has around a certain doctrine and the precise way in which it leads to practice although, on the one hand, it is also understood as the habit and perseverance that a person has. in the performance of certain actions to achieve a specific objective.

Must be forged from an early age

It is thanks to the discipline that people can act determinedly until they meet their goals and objectives. A clear example of this is seen in athletes, who after long periods of difficult preparation succeed in obtaining good results in the competitions. The discipline in this case is related, not only with the daily training of the sport in question, but also with a rigorous diet and a special care of health and well-being.

As you can Intuit, discipline, not only applies to great goals, but it is present at all times in our lives. The discipline is occupied by the parents to train their children, however, many of them associate it directly with the punishment, forgetting that the real sense of the discipline is to form and to educate, teaching to the child since childhood the ideal form of behavior in the Different contexts of life.

Both in the education of the children and in the personal achievement of goals, the discipline is closely related to perseverance. In other words, both parents who educate and people who seek to achieve something must act in an orderly and persevering way to achieve good results, otherwise the discipline loses its north and the goals drawn from vanish.

Because of the above, it is often necessary to be more self-demanding people, putting an extra effort in the strict fulfillment of the order and perseverance necessary to be disciplined people and achieve great things.

Will is the only springboard for success

Discipline and will go together. It is impossible to develop a rigorous discipline on something, if the willpower is not developed. It is common for people to start with a purpose, a project, a company, but in less than nothing ends their enthusiasm and the sacrifices that are implicit in the achievement are not taken even in mind, denoting a complete lack of will and therefore , Discipline. The result is obvious: failure.

A small drop of water, which may seem negligible, if it falls at a consecutive rate, although it can be very slow, if it persists and persists every day, every night, will undoubtedly open a hole in that surface where it impacts. Thus the same happens with the discipline: it is a continuous perseverance in a well-defined goal, no matter if at the beginning everything seems impossible and the efforts give the impression of not being but small and insignificant drops of water.

The wisdom of the popular sayings is impressive. In this case it fits perfectly the saying that says: “Who perseveres, reaches.”

Many people would like to reduce weight, change their lives, be professional, cure a disease, fall in love with someone, etc. Very few odds remain if you do not have the right discipline and iron. It’s the key to triumph, undoubtedly.

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Essay about Discipline
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June 10, 2019

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