Essay about dogs

The dog, also called canine or canine, is man’s best friend, at least in a certain way. Not that it is an immovable fact, but it is in the sense in which often it is more faithful to his master, than many of our friends, which is why it is formidable as a company of men and women.

Man’s Best Friend

Its scientific name is Canis Lupus famiaris and it is a carnivorous mammal animal (well, some are pedigrees and other tortíboros and bakery), a close relative of the wolves, although it was domesticated about 15,000 years ago in Central Asia, becoming in a pet.

And it is almost always constitutes a true company. There are people who live alone, with their pet, with “their best friend” who goes with them wherever they go. That faithful friend who accompanies them, who is happy with his presence. Howling in his absence, trying to defend from strangers, etc. It really is wonderful everything a dog can do.

But the dog not only serves as a pet or companion animal, but even some, with training, can become true assistants, guides, persecutors of scoundrels and assistants against terrorism. And although it seems incredible, some furry ones are trained in parachuting. It is also worth remembering the emblematic dog Laika, who became the first animal to travel into space.

Their breeds are very varied, so it exists for all tastes, large, medium, small, black, brown, white yellow, with tail, without glue, with spots, without spots, of different behaviors, etc.


Essay about dogs
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