Essay about drug addiction

Drug addiction today has become one of the biggest problems facing society and consists of dependence and / or addiction to certain toxic substances that have negative effects on the central nervous system, which alter psychological functions and physiological.

The range of drugs is quite varied and there are different forms of consumption. Some of them drink with some liquid, others are injected, others are inhaled, others are put as a patch, etc.

The drugs in history

Its history can be traced back to very ancient times, including prehistory, where the use of drugs was used as a soothing agent against pain. Marijuana and other narcotic plants, including are used in indigenous cultures, in tribes.

But beyond all this, what you have to keep in mind is that drugs are toxic, they are a poison, they are a way to poison and poison our organism.

A way to die slowly

If I offer you a coffee with cyanide, would you receive it? Most likely not, unless you are trying to take your own life or want to die.

This is what happens with drugs and not only with them, but also with other toxic substances such as tobacco or alcohol. The consumption of them are a way to deteriorate our body, our physical senses, our psychological and mental abilities. They are a way to kill us slowly.

Drugs consequencies

However, despite all this, their consumption in society is growing and this is unfortunate. People seem not to be aware of the dangers and gradual damage that drugs cause, not only in the body, but in health, in the ability to concentrate, etc., in addition to the related problems that they cause, such as distancing or family conflicts , depression, isolation, etc.

What solution can we find?

It seems that we should go beyond the drugs themselves. That is, drugs are not the problem, but the attitude we have towards them, the way to address them. In this sense, it can be said that the problem is not having a knife in the hand, but the use that is made of it. That knife, wisely used serves us to cook and provide food. Badly used serves us to take life.

Drugs, misused, serve to cut down life slowly and gradually. Drugs, used in therapeutic ways, serve to provide relief and even to save lives.

The causes of drug addiction

The addiction to them is different. What is it that makes us use drugs? Depression, low esteem, desire to be included in a group, desire to escape from reality. So, rather than fighting addiction, you must fight against the very causes that, eventually, generate addiction. That is, our own psychological conditioning. A procedure, a technique that would allow us to modify the behavior would be the solution. Of course, this would be only the beginning of the solution, since all this requires an environment, campaigns, accompaniment, among several things. But without a doubt, it would be a big step.

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Essay about drug addiction
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June 14, 2019

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