Essay about independence

Unfortunately, “Independence Day” is another symbolism that does not go beyond a historical date misnamed. If we were analytical, at least a little, we would realize that such independence is nothing more than a utopian term, as well as love, God, Peace and Freedom.

A distraction sophism and a utopia

Will there be independence in this country, with a masterful, mechanical and meaningless education system? Or maybe we’ll be free if we don’t have tickets and material stuff? Rather, instead of celebrating a day of false independence, we should mourn one day from real dependence.

If you look at the capitalist system that governs the world, slavery excels in the various aspects that concern it. The fact that 200 years ago, Colombia ceased to depend on Spanish policies, does not mean that winds of freedom and peace are breathed.

On the contrary, in what we call society, very similar regimes are appreciated, not to mention that equal: the domination of the same clergy, the supremacy of bankers, the authoritarianism of the armed forces, the murders of those who think differently and the imposition of superficial, degenerate and perverse life prototypes, implemented by the media.

It is worth highlighting the way in which universities, libraries, prisons, churches and other social entities are described by the great philosopher Rudolf Steiner. He called them “concentration camps.”

We cannot speak of independence in this current world, because if we look around, we realize that we are enslaved, starting with that aparatic that most of us wear on our wrists and that stresses us every time we look at it, called the clock.

If each individual does not become free, the society that is the extension of the individual, neither. John the Baptist said: “If men do not change, the kingdoms do not change.” It’s a simple logic.

Essay about independence
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July 28, 2019

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