Essay about Peace

Undoubtedly it is an abstract concept of very difficult definition, however, the most usual is to understand it as a state of tranquility and inner quietude that people feel and that makes them feel a very special well-being.


The fundamental notions of peace

For peace It is also understood that those periods in which there are no wars between the different nations, in this way, peace would behave like the absence of conflicts, whether political, social or economic, among others.

The search for peace is a common thing for all human beings. It is something that we all long to feel, but that in a world as fast as we live, the search for peace can be quite difficult.

To feel at peace requires an internal process in which people must build a path of life in which there is no possibility of generating problems or problems that affect, even having a present that life also has a period of great difficulties , in Those who, after a healthy struggle, can obtain peace.

As we see, to achieve internal peace requires a lot of tolerance, self-respect and others, acceptance, effort, respect, etc.

The perspective of the different exponents of peace

In the personal sense, related to the inner tranquillity, Lord Tennyson says about it:

“There is no such thing apart from calm.”

And Pope John Paul II, for his part, tells us about it.

“The conquest of peace at all levels is linked to the conversion of the heart and to a real change of life.”

The pope himself named four requirements for peace to reign, taken from the encyclical of John XXIII, of 1963: “Truth, Justice, love and freedom.”

Another spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, views the following:

“No fear, more friendship, more harmony, more equality, equal opportunities for all, perhaps that is the meaning of peace.”

At the bottom it is clear that peace is not only the absence of war, to an internal or external level in the world. Besides being the peace something that the human being in general seeks for itself, world peace, ie the absence of conflicts between and within the nations of the world, has also been the central objective and engine of organizations as large as the UN.

Throughout history has also rewarded those personalities or organizations that have made great contributions to world peace as they have been mother Teresa of Calcutta in 1979, Nelson Mandela in 1993, Doctors Without Borders in the year 1999 and Muhammad Yunus Last 2006.

War contenders for Peace

If there is something that is completely illogical and absurd, out of all orbit, it is what humanity has always intended: to achieve the long-cherished calm, through weapons and violence. In this regard, a great sage of the TWENTIETH century called Samael Aun Weor, said:

“It is absurd to self-deceive ourselves with propaganda of peace; It is foolish to believe that with pro-peace organizations and many Nobel prize champions we can end the scourge of war. As long as there are within the individual the factors of war, there will inevitably be wars. “

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Essay about Peace
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