Essay about technology

Technology is the set of techniques used in a scientific and systematic way for the generation of products that meet the needs of the human being, in the most diverse senses, among them: food, agriculture, housing, communication, study, etc.

Essay about technology

Technology etymology

The concept of technology is formed by the Greek terms “techne”, which means technique, and the Greek word “logia”, which means study of something, for that matter, study of a technique.

Thus, technology is not only an intellective knowledge, but it is a practical discipline that covers the most diverse areas of knowledge and that, in one way or another, interacts with any type of knowledge or science.

Technology, at present we understand it as what it produces to incorporate some computerized or automated mechanism. However, this is not always the case (and in fact it is not strictly so).

Technology applications

By technology we can understand a technique that improves a product, or that incorporates new features to something already existing. For example, the incursion of the wheel as a transport mechanism in the old age is, in effect, a technological product. The horses being transformed into carriages, is a technological product that incorporates new functionalities, thanks to the technology of the wheel, the axes, and the entire structure.

But let’s see more examples of technology. A dress, when made by hand, does not incorporate technology, and is done in an artisanal way. However, when a loom is created, when it is mediated by a sewing machine, it is already a product of technology.

So technology creates machines or devices that do some action in an automated way.

Where can we find technology? Everywhere. In the food, in the dressing room, in the home, in the way we communicate, in the way of transporting ourselves. Even when we brush our teeth, when we shower or when we sleep we can use technology.

Technology examples

For example, in food, it is required that agriculture be generated, and that agriculture is carried out by machines that facilitate such work as tractors, fumigators, machines in charge of processing products, etc.

In the case of costumes, I saw it. Through the use of textile machinery of all kinds. In the construction of houses we have cranes, cutters, machines that give mold to bricks and blocks, stained glass, etc.

In the way we communicate or what to say. In fact, it is where we can see technology at its peak and at its highest level of complexity. We have computers, robots, television, radio, etc.

The technology is also present in our transport mechanisms: Buses, trains, trams, ships, metros, airplanes, spacecraft, etc.

And for this, it makes use of the most diverse available technologies that converge to perform a certain function or to make possible the operation of some mechanism. Technologies such as electromagnetism, electricity, physics, chemistry, electronics, etc., are necessary in all this.

So technology is not something static, but always in movement, always in the search to generate new products that go hand in hand with the same technological advance and science. From the wheel we are already in spaceships, in medical devices never before imagined. What awaits us for the future? Surely amazing things. In fact, we are already in the era of nanotechnology and robotics, so we are conquering the infinitely small, like the infinitely large.

Essay about technology
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