Essay about the destruction of the environment

Not only do I intend to call for reflection on the care of the environment and nature, but also to become true defenders of that wonderful gift that God has arranged in our hands, for we know that He with His infinite Wisdom and whole Will gave man the administration and good care of this beautiful paradise, for the well-being of all humanity.

Human beings are on the verge of extinction

However, we see with concern that hundreds of hectares are razed and devastated, sometimes in the accommodating gaze of our eyes without anything happening. Nature should remain within and outside cities in an essential way, without being affected by any external phenomena. It must be the most important and necessary element, for it determines the quality of life of all beings.

Increasingly, our planet is severely affected by multiple factors. Water nascents, for example, are permanent targets of predation and contamination by agents that violently alter the biological and natural cycle, cutting the right to enjoy the purity of this precious liquid. Air, on the other hand, is another fundamental element, which is contaminated in equal or greater proportion, bringing fatal consequences such as illness and death itself.

The soil in which we live, from which all life is born; The one from whom we receive the food to nourish ourselves is no stranger to these evils, for it suffers abruptly as a result of the felling of trees that almost no person dares to sow. Or the irresponsible conduct of throwing waste of all kinds, causing a terrible imbalance in the natural order.

The simple and insignificant little piece of paper that we drop on the streets of our cities, which combined with that of a few million other inhabitants, becomes on its own tons and tons of garbage that will stop the rivers, affecting their channel and sedimentation and finally, causing severe flooding, high mortality of fish and species suitable for feeding as well as for the conservation of others.

If this is caused by simple paperwork, what will we say about toxic, chemical, industrial and radioactive waste? I’m just leaving the concern. I repeat, therefore, the exhortation to become defenders of our planet and to take action before we are forced to catastrophe where none of us will be able to solve.

One of the biggest problems lies in the corruption so marked in Colombia and in the world, because politicians at the expense of the civilian population, sell and negotiate with all natural resources, giving absolutely nothing to them the consequences in nature, in the quality of life for all, not only of human beings, but of all animals and plants in general; that is, the whole ecosystem.

One is left speechless as they watch how the giant oak trees of the Amazon are finishing and felling. But people are kept entertained and clueless of all this, using the mass media, with all their spectacular killings, football, misrepresented information, etc.

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Essay about the destruction of the environment
Source: Education  
July 28, 2019

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