Essay about the First World War

The First World War known as the Great War, because they thought it would be the last of the wars, is a military conflict that began in 1914 and ended in 1918. It is not the first modern war, that dubious honor corresponds to the American Civil War, which occurred some 50 years earlier.

In these great wars, unfortunately not only ends with military objectives, although it seems a lie and do not want to recognize it, but in a “collateral” with civilians; Indirectly, relative to their lives and interests and directly to their existences.

Consequences of the war

As an additional fact, to raise awareness of the damage caused by wars, even whole peoples have come to disappear; We also have the use of psychological warfare and the sacrifice of immense amounts of resources (including humans) to obtain even a hill. The difference between this war and the previous ones is that it was the first one that affected almost the entire planet and involving several totally new weapons: The plane, the modern submarine and chemical weapons.

Between the late NINETEENTH and early TWENTIETH centuries, European nations began a game of political-military alliances and a great arms race. The theoretical purpose was to avoid a war if you have the most powerful armament or if your allies have it (the armed peace).

The cause

The growth of the population and the various failures to expand territorially unleashed this war. The pretext for initiating the war was a murder: the heir of the Austrian throne Francisco Fernando visited Sarajevo and was assassinated along with his wife Sofia at the hands of a Serbian student. Austria ended up declaring war on Serbia and alliances began to work. On one side were the Central Powers: Austria-Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire.

The participating countries

On the other were Russia, Serbia, France and England. At the end of the war, Russia withdrew, since it had its own political problems that will lead to the Bolshevik Revolution and on the other side, joined the United States, Japan, Italy and other countries (the majority of the British Commonwealth).

In these years of war, techniques were used as sophisticated as counter-espionage (developed during the American Civil War), as well as the construction of cannons that launched projectiles more than 100 km away (the great Bertha and Paris were the Nicknames they gave to such wits) and techniques as simple as digging trenches, which paralyzed the war to such an extent, which was nicknamed “trench warfare.”

Winners and losers

At the end of the war there were more than 10 million dead and some 8 million disappeared between civilians and soldiers. There were winners like Italy, who were as bad as the losers. France and England forced Germany and Austria to sign a totally humiliating armistice, to pay exorbitant compensation and a number of conditions that could never be fulfilled. In the long run, this would be the trigger of the Second World War.

In a war, in reality they are all losers.

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Essay about the First World War
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June 11, 2019

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