Essay about the Second World War

World War II was an armed conflict that began in 1939 and ended in 1945, although some argue about when it really started. This war had its causes in the aftermath of the First World War, due to the “Treaty of Versailles” signed by Germany.

And it is that the armistice known as the “Treaty of Versailles” caused a series of economic debacles not only for the Germans, but also ended up affecting both the English and French because, unable to pay their compensation commitments, they make England and France cannot repay their loans to the United States and this is one of the causes of the great economic crisis that began in 1929 and was known as the “economic Crisis of the 1930s”.

Hitler’s rise to power

After a series of political busts by the German parties, Adolf Hitler came to power in the year 1936, leading the National Socialist Party. Hitler accused the Jews of enriching themselves with the money of the people and took away their property, which managed to finance a fast recovery of the German economy, in addition to forming a powerful army. Also, it presented a very aggressive policy of expansion, annexing the territories of Austria and then to Czechoslovakia, based on claims on Czech territories that had German populations.

Interventions in Spain

All this was tolerated because it was intended to correct the mistakes of the past and to vindicate the German people. In addition, Hitler established alliances with other dictators like Benito Mussolini and Francisco Franco, to whom it helps to win the Spanish Civil War and where it proves its most deadly weapon: the Luftwaffe (its Air Force).

In this way the first city at the hands of the aviation is destroyed: Guernica, which then inspired the famous painting of the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso. Franco used this alliance to keep Spain neutral throughout the war. The war broke out formally when Germany invaded Poland, which in a matter of days fell into German power.

The Allies

France and England declared war and formed the side of “the Allies.” China, the countries of the British Commonwealth, the United States and Russia, joined this side in the middle of the conflict. The other side is that of the powers, which are the axis of Germany, which is joined by Japan and Italy.

The United States entered the war, because Japan declared war and in no more than an hour after the Imperial Navy carried out an attack on the North American fleet of the Pacific, which was docked in Pearl Harbor. The blow would have been fatal because, they did not make a second attack of auction and this would have meant to the North Americans a very slow recovery of their fleet and probably, also to lose the war.

The Russian incursion

Russia became involved in the war as the Germans violated a non-aggression agreement and invaded the Soviet colossus. It was a clear mistake because, while the Germans had very fast initial victories, Stalin, the leader of the Soviets, was expecting an aggression from Japan and not from his allies.

Once he realized his mistake, he summoned the huge Soviet army, which the Germans called the Russian Front. After an inclement winter, the Germans had to undertake the retreat, a fact that marked the beginning of the end of the war in Europe. The Americans, French and English together with the Russians managed to subdue the Germans and the war ended in May 1945 in Europe.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki

In Asia, the war ended when the city of Hiroshima was destroyed on 6 August by a single B-29, carrying the first atomic bomb used on a civilian population and on 9 August, the city of Nagasaki was destroyed by a similar weapon. He had started the atomic age. The weapons used during this war were very novel: the radar, the warfare propaganda through the press, the radio and the Cinematograph, the very improved submarines, the rockets and projectiles of jet propulsion and above all, the incredible aircraft carriers that are the Great protagonists of the battles in the Pacific Ocean.

The use of atomic weapons can be justified, given that the Germans tried to obtain them, but to throw them on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was altogether unnecessary, because the Japanese were going to surrender with the only condition that the emperor was not deposed, something that the Allies conceded anyway.

The number of people who died

It is estimated that this war had between 60 and 80 million victims (roughly 2% of the world’s population then) between military and civilian.

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Essay about the Second World War
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June 11, 2019

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