Essay on death

Ignorance is to blame for all the evils of mankind. Ignorance is ignorance, it is darkness. A concrete case where lack of wisdom sends us to the deepest pain, suffering and fear, is in relation to death. In truth, we know absolutely nothing about death, nor about life.

It’s not as terrible as we’ve been programmed

This fact of ignoring the mysteries of death is one of the causes of fear that we have for the subject, when we hear of death. People are scared of just thinking about their own death or those who classify them as loved ones. But what is death? It’s the real goal of life, but very few know it.

When you understand something in depth, you are no longer afraid. And this is precisely because we fear the unknown. It is no longer enough to observe ourselves when we hear the word “occultism”; because it is hidden, it means that we know nothing about it, so it generates a subconscious sense of fear and uncertainty, in turn creating totally misconceptions about the reality of things.

In this present self-deception of humanity, no one is crossed by the head that death hides terrible secrets and powers and that it lies the reason for existence. This premise sounds outrageous at first, but if you’re brave you’ll continue to analyze these magic lines.

All ancient traditions, millennial and also unknown, worshipped death. Let us look to Mexico and we will be surprised; we travel to ancient Egypt and we will be ecstatic. Let us fly towards Tibet and we will no longer doubt the tremendous importance of sacred death.

In this life there is no true goal other than to die, for when we are born, we do it to die; and when we die, we do it to be born again. Jesus Christ himself taught: “If the germ does not die, the plant is not born”. “You have to die, to live.” “you must be born again, from Fire, from the Water, and from the Spirit.” “Whoever loses his life for my cause will find it, but whoever lives to win it and for himself will lose it.”

Clearly, it can be inferred that death is the end of something. It represents the liberation of the state in which that something was at one point. Everything changes, I mean, everything dies. There are several kinds of death and this is essential to study and understand it.

Death of the physical body; psychological death; second death. This is the classification of death and it is well worth explained, or at least dilated, since a post is required to be able to specify the most important of each.

Death of the body

When a person dies of natural death, not in circumstances where he loses his head or body has suffered lethal damage, he enters a state of catalepsy and his soul in a process lasting approximately 72 hours.

In those three days following the “alleged death”, three judgments are held in the higher dimensions of Nature:

In the first, the person carries out a supremely detailed retrospective of all the events in his life, from the last second he lived to the moment of birth. In the second, he is told the number of psychic defects or also called sins and how much that evil weighs, since as they are energy, they have weight and that is the weight of the soul. And in the third, he is taken into account of his good and bad works, as well as the spiritual work he did in life.

When this procedure is completed, developed in supra-dimensions where the soul of the dying man was carried, the Divine Hierarchies in charge of the Justice of the Universe determine whether it is indeed already left out of his body so that he no longer returns, or if he ele gives another chance to come back. In case you are not going to return to your body, you will wait in limbo for another physical body if you are entitled to another birth on this Earth.

All the details can be seen in the post entitled ‘What happens when one dies?’

Death Second

If that soul has no right to be born again as a human, it must enter the under-dimensions of the planet also called hellworlds. In those dark places described by Dante in the ‘Divine Comedy’, nature will be in charge of cleaning up all that millonada of inhuman psychic aggregates that this disembodied possesses and that all of us like we have. That’s a process that lasts millions of years and is too painful.

Psychological Death

This kind of death is totally Mystic and Revolutionary, for it allows us to free ourselves from hell and, in turn, from the wheel of births and deaths, which will lead us to a deep Divine State, to the awakening of Consciousness, to the higher dimensions of Cosmos and which is best and unbelievable, to the Sacred Immortality.

For it turns out that in our psychological defects is inscribed the Spirit that we really are. That Spirit is powerful at one hundred percent; totally Wise, Smart, Pure, Omniscient, Almighty, Ommisericordious. That spirit we are is God Himself. But it is bottled in the psychic fractionated in all those negative ways of being, thinking and acting of each of us. This technique gives us the privilege of eliminating them all, freeing the Spirit, and expanding it to the infinite of its possibilities.

Essay on death
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June 30, 2019

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