Essay about Faith

Faith is an abstract concept of very difficult definition. Faith is a term of religion that refers to the act of blindly believing in something, either in a deity or in a set of matters pertaining to the religion in question or, at least, having the hope or conviction that something is as we believe it , or that will happen as we think or expect.

The power of faith

Faith’s own belief makes the affair believed something so strong that it adopts the character of true even without being proven. Faith can also be understood as that attitude, which includes both will and intellect, of the whole being that is directed to something divine or to a supreme entity.

More specifically, the Catholic religion includes faith as one of the three theological virtues, placing it even in the first place, with which the Church nods the revelation of God. A definition of faith is possible to be found in the Bible. This definition is found in Hebrews 11:1 and reads as follows:

“Faith is the certainty of what is expected, the conviction of what is not seen.”

As you can see, it is one of the fundamental pillars of the Catholic religion, behaving as one of the motives, or even the most important that has allowed to keep the church, as an institution, standing for so long.

For religions in general, whatever their nature, faith behaves as something fundamental, more, without the faith of their faithful, beliefs would cease to be, fading away and allowing religion to crumble.

The above, because something basic of all religions is that there are issues that are only believed, issues that believers accept only because their religion affirms it, adopting itself as a belief as true as those verifiable issues throughout history or science.

Beyond the religious realm, faith is present in the development and act of all human beings. From a certain point of view we could not function in the world without the faith or conviction on the order and development of things, although in most cases we do not have the evidence or the knowledge to “scientifically prove” these convictions, We just believe in them.

Believe it has been received and you get

Another section of the Gospels where directly Jesus Christ explains what faith is, is in Matthew 21:19-46, which to the letter says:

“19 And when he saw a fig tree by the road, he approached it, but found nothing in it but leaves only, and said to him:” <<Never let fruit spring forth from you>>. And immediately the fig tree dried up. 20 When they saw this, the disciples marveled and said, How is it that the fig tree withered at once? 21 Jesus answered and said to them, <<“Truly I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt, you will not only do the fig tree, but even if you say to this mountain, ‘Take off and cast yourself into the sea,’ that will happen. 22 And whatever you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive it >>

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Essay about Faith
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