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Understanding what is meant by psychology is not an easy task, because it is a discipline within which there are several branches that address it in different ways. However, in general terms, psychology can be defined as that science that deals with the study of the psyche or the soul. This definition comes from the origin of the term “psychology”, which derives from the Greek words “Psyche” and “logos”, which signify Alma and study, respectively.

The behavior of people

Psychology would be the science that takes care of the study of the mind in all areas that it encompasses, including from the brain functions to the development of human beings and the way it feels, is thought and learned in relation to the environment Ambi Entity that surrounds us.

As already mentioned, psychology approaches its various tasks in a different way according to the perspective with which it is regarded. This is a discipline that has many branches that respond to diverse paradigms and among them, are cognitive psychology, humanist-experiential psychology, psychoanalysis and the partner Constructivism, among others.

In this way, according to the perspective with which one looks at it, psychology will be able to take care of understanding the mind and the human behavior emphasizing in different aspects, that relate to the different ways of approaching the reality or to approach the Knowledge.

As we see, it is a science of tremendous breadth, allowing it to address the human mind in relation to many aspects of life, for example, health, work, culture, society, education, etc.

The foregoing has enabled psychology to develop specific areas of study for the different areas of human endeavor, for example, clinical psychology that usually deals with pathologies related to the psyche, Social psychology, as well as Also the educational and labor psychology, the latter with a great influence especially in regard to the hiring and management of the personnel in the company.

Psychology and Magic

Scholars of Esotericism today claim that authentic psychology is what they used to call magic. They assert that everything that is up to the human psyche is literally energy and affects the matter and everything that surrounds it.

A very illustrative book about it, is the Kybalion, which explains the wisdom of the Great Hermes Trismigestro, based on which thoughts and emotions are energetic vibrations that cause effects and these in turn, other causes. Likewise, one could say that the different laws that govern the universe are closely linked to psychology.

It could be said emphatically that psychology is the study of the psyche, a Greek term meaning “soul”. As a result, we are pointing to the strict sense of the word and science as such, which is responsible for studying the human soul. The soul and the psyche are the same, which is why theology and religion are also anchored together. However, the professional careers that are usually sold in the various universities of the world, come to teach students that psychology is a cluster of theories that different authors have described and proposed.

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Essay about Psychology
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June 10, 2019

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