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Respect is the recognition of each other’s interests and feelings in a relationship. Although the term is commonly used in the field of interpersonal relations, it also applies to relationships between groups of people, between countries and organizations of various kinds. It is not simply consideration or deference, but implies a true non-selfish interest in the other beyond the explicit obligations that may exist.

The world of relationships is governed by this principle

Sometimes it is confused with respect with some particular behavior, such as good manners or kindness, but respect is something different from this, it is an attitude. This attitude is born with the recognition of the value of a person, whether inherent or also related to an ability or behavior. For example to respect the ‘ good judgment ‘ of someone in particular.

One of the philosophers who has exerted the greatest influence on the concept of respect in the world of academia has been Emmanuel Kant. In his moral philosophy this thinker holds that human beings must be respected because they are an end in themselves. Being an end in themselves have an intrinsic and absolute value. That is why we human beings have this special value, called by Kant ‘ dignity ‘.

Another important way of this concept is to respect oneself. There is great consensus among thinkers that this manifestation of respect is an essential ability to live life in a satisfying and meaningful way. Moreover, it is vital to the life in society that we carry. For all this, let’s respect ourselves and others.

But respect not only applies to oneself or to others, but also to all existing things, the nature and resources therein, life, opinions, decisions, including abstract concepts, ideas or traditions.

What for some is respect, for others is disrespect

We are referring to a very vague and broad term, which can even be interpreted differently, by each individual. For example, for a person it can be a disrespect to answer a question they are asking, but for another, it is an act of much education. This is the same as looking into the eyes, tutearing, greeting, giving gifts, eating, giving and receiving food and even dressing.

It really is something that times and traditions impose. In the past, not wearing a hat was a sign of being unrespectful. Now, entering many places covering the head with one of these, is badly seen. If before a superior was seen in the eyes as he spoke, it was regarded as a terrible disrespectful gesture, now it is the opposite: not to direct the gaze towards the eyes of the interlocutor, it is marked as rudeness.

What can be synthesized and preserved as the indisputable essence of respect, at any time or geographical place, is the basic ethical principle: respect would be all that does not alter or violate the fundamental rights of others. Unfortunately, the wrong ideas about what it is to demand and give respect, have led to cruel acts and against humanity. It is also clear that if you do not respect yourself, you will not do it with those around you.

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Essay about respect
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June 9, 2019

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