Evolution and involution, two laws of nature?

In previous post, we talked about the existence of three universal laws, within the several that govern us, that are extremely important to analyze in order to understand what our reason is for being in this infinite Universe.

Two sides of the same coin

Such laws of great relevance are: Evolution, Involution and Revolution. The first two are mechanical and the third is a Higher Law that can transcend the lower ones. Transcendenting means that with the Law of Revolution we can free ourselves from dying again and to be born again and ascend to an angelic state, which surpasses humanity or what is better said, overcomes our rational animality.

When a spark of God leaves the Great Absolute Sun to come and take the course in the Wheel of Samsara, it has the possibility of success, as well as that of failure as is the most common; but there is another possibility and it is the Waiver of the Course. Then, he returns and merges again with the Absolute, but without Sacred Individuality, no mastery, nothing.

The Integral Revolution of Consciousness allows each of us, Divine Sparks of the same God, to expand into Spirit and Consciousness, to return to the ointment of the Absolute but converted into another Absolute Sun.

The Venerable Master Anubis, Hierarch of the Supreme Court of Objective Justice, very well represented by the ancient Egyptians as the Jackal of law, governs and directs souls who go through the process of evolution.

Instead, Typhoon Baphometh, a terrible Demon of Hell, rules and directs souls who go down the path of involution and disintegration.


Mineral: The soul at the beginning of the cycle through the Wheel of Samsara, enters the Mineral Kingdom of Nature and is connected to precious evolutionary minerals such as gold and other wonderful stones or the splendid grains of sand of the sea.

Evolving through this realm, the soul lasts millions of years as the first psychological defects form over time and ages. , but how will a stone have psychological defects, if the flaws are negative emotions, thoughts and attitudes?

As it turns out that a stone itself is not just a stone. It is the physical body of a Gnome or Pygmies. The first psychic defects of these souls are disobedience to the Angelic Spirits of Natura, or Gurus Devas, as well as antipathy, laziness, etc.

Those Gnomes or Pygmies only have the emotional brain and all they have to do is attend a kind of schools in other dimensions, where nature angels teach them all the mysteries of that kingdom. The older, flaw-filled gnomes begin to stop unruly attending classes.

Then Anubis, the God in charge of the Evolution of Souls and Divine Justice, transports that Soul to the next kingdom.

Vegetable: as there are seven different rays where the Sparks of the Absolute descend to the Wheel of Samsara, souls take bodies of plants and plants according to the Ray of Creation by which it has descended. The souls of plants are called “Elementals”.

Plants already have two brains, which are the emotional brains they brought from minerals and are now added to the “motor-intrinsic-sexual” brain. This brain begins to develop little by little, from instinct; that’s why plants are planted and can’t move, because even that brain hasn’t developed the motor part, although some carnivorous plants have voluntary self-movement.

The latter are the bodies of the elementals that have already been filled with many defects of that natural kingdom for thousands of years and are ready to be transferred to the Animal Kingdom. Psychological defects are created in interaction with other plants, such as parasitic ones, with which they must fight for food, light and water.

Animal: souls who possess physical bodies of animals are classified as “souls”; that is why it is very wrong to say “the blessed of Purgatory”. These animals are never close to man or civilization, such as jungle lions, tigers, crocodiles, giraffes, elephants, zebras, leopards, eagles, falcons, etc.

Just as in plants, animals are filled with the defects corresponding to their kingdom, arising from interaction with the other animals, with which they fight and murder themselves by competition, to survive, to excel among the herd, to defend their lives and those of their puppies, etc.

So all animal instincts are developed at this stage, such as fornication, pleasure in shedding semen, anger, aggression, fear, jealousy, among others. It is important to clarify that the goal of the soul through evolution, filled with psychological defects, is so that then being human it extracts the wisdom of good and evil within each of those inhuman elements and the Spirit or Divine Spark is expanded and Auto Perform.

Human: When the soul is transported to human physical vehicles, it is called Alma as such. Within its 108 bodies given to it in the form of men and women, that soul has the valuable opportunity to transcend these two twin laws of evolution and involution. If he manages to transcend them, he will not continue with the other half of the wheel, which corresponds to the involution.

That part we started many centuries ago, we are in the last existences with human physical bodies.


Animaloid: by losing the valuable human opportunity to ascend to Divine Superior beings, the soul is connected to the body of an involuntary animal, such as a stray dog, a family pet, a caged bird, a circus lion, an animal suffering, etc. The most mysterious of all this, is that at the same time living like an animal, part of that same soul begins to descend through the Nine Underdimensional Spheres, known as hell worlds, where he will be painfully wielding himself of all the flaws he did not want eliminate being human and won’t leave until you clean them all. A rather painful and long process.

Vegetaloid: after animal defects have been cleaned for thousands of years, it then continues in involuntary plant bodies called “vegetaloids”.

Mineraloid: finally, and in the most painful and long phase the soul comes to decompose in the mineraloid kingdom, where involution minerals such as cement, bricks, among others in decay.

To complement this information, an exclusive post will be written discussing the Law of the Revolution, with which we can transcend and free ourselves from all this hellish process, which has been concealed by religions, especially by the Catholic, who, who, who know this in their hidden files, but hide it from the masses.

Evolution and involution, two laws of nature?
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June 30, 2019

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