Example of a personal recommendation letter

Usually, when you get a job, one of the requirements to attach is a letter of personal recommendation, as well as a letter of recommendation (which is not really a letter of recommendation, but the work certificate – a company usually does not recommend to anyone, except in exceptional cases). But how to write a model?

Ejemplo carta de recomendación personal

Example personal recommendation letter

In our office or letter we must include relevant information such as:

  • City and date
  • Person or entity addressed (optional, can be opened)
  • Subject (sometimes you choose to put CERTIFICATION, capitalized, large and centered font)
  • Name and identity of the person who recommends
  • Profession and place of domicile of the person who recommends (optional)
  • Name and identity of the person recommended
  • Time you know
  • Reasons why it is recommended
  • Firm
  • Contact information
  • Notary stamp (optional, not always requested)

According to all this, our personal letter of recommendation example would look something like this:

Bogotá D.C., 28 de septiembre de 2014

Centro de Lenguas Modernas


I, JIM MORRISON, neighbor of the city of New Jersey, by profession dentist and identified with the citizenship card No. x.xxx.xxx. from Washington DC, I certify that I personally know Mr. RAY MANZAREK, identified with the citizenship card No. x.xxx.xxx of New York, for about 6 years, and I would recommend him as an honest person, responsible, good manners , of excellent moral behavior and without any social defect. Likewise, Mr. CASTRO has the necessary competencies in his professional field and the capacities to perform in any activity that is designated, reasons why I recommend and endeavor my name for that purpose.

Any additional information, please take contact with me through the mechanisms indicated below.

This certification is issued on the 28th day of the month of September of the current year.



DC x.xxx.xxx
Professional card No. xxx.xxx
Address. xxx
Phone: xxx
Fax: xxx
Electronic address: xxx
Website: xxx

Ready, we have our example personal recommendation letter ready to download and take Word or PDF and print, oriented rather to the world of work. That is, this would be a perfect model or format to present to an offer or job vacancy. It includes extensive information and that gives confidence seat, in addition to being recommended in the best and most careful terms. We hope you like it and, most importantly, that it serves you.

It is a document that is not difficult to write, but must comply with these minimum requirements, such as the date, to whom it is addressed, as well as to inform in detail the personal data. In the body of the letter, one should be emphatic and without so much prosopopeya. As it is popularly said “go straight to the point”.

This kind of documents are required many times, by different companies whose policies is to be with full security of the personnel that will be hired.

Example of a personal recommendation letter
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June 20, 2019

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