Example of conclusion for a written work

Learning to write a paper is not always easy and in its development there are several elements that are crucial, not only at the level of argumentation, sources, veracity and verification of information, but also the way in which it is written.

And to conclude it is no less easy and, although there are different ways in which you can conclude a written work, we will see a generic form and that, with its different adaptations, can serve us for our purpose and give us a good result.

First example

At the end of this work we realize that our training process is based on a continuous change, of knowledge for the improvement of our work (which we apply based on a study that is being acquired to improve day by day) and with the objective of to become a good individual, with the competences that the subject has given us; with responsibility, always in the expectation of change, for improvements of a better service to a society or community eager for knowledge and with desires for unceasing growth.

Second example

The conclusion of this work leads us to take as a reference the importance of [the importance of the subject, the essay or the topic that we are dealing with] in [our daily life, in the environment that surrounds us, in the development and evolution of technology, in the interaction of the human being in society, etc.], in a way that greatly nourishes our progress, not only academically but as people, etc.

Example of conclusion for a written work
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June 13, 2019

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