Example of poetic language

The poetic language is a form of language in which the writer (not necessarily a poet) makes use of diverse poetic resources, creating varied poetic figures, metaphors, anaphora, personification, hyperboles, etc. In poetic language, words are not generally used with the same meaning as a rigid function of language, but they can acquire the most varied forms.

“When the steel birds spawn their eggs of fire”

In this case we see the way in which a figure is created that, strictly speaking, could not exist in reality, because when have we seen a steel bird from which fire eggs are shed? However, in this metaphor, steel birds represent airplanes, and fire eggs are bombs.

In the context in which this poetic language unfolds is that of a war proper. Poetic communication, or poetic function of language refers and / or indicates about the message itself. It manifests itself in an aesthetic language, with style and literary figures. Its intention is to provoke admiration and to move. Example:

  1. Love is so short and forgetting is so long (Pablo Neruda)
  2. Aí ai mareciente y eternauta
    Redontella tallerendo lucenario
    Ia ia
    Leiramombaririlanla (Vicente Huidobro)
  1. For a look, a world, for a smile, a sky, for a kiss … I do not know what I gave you for a kiss! (Gustavo Adolfo Becquer)

Thus, in the poetic language there is a clear intention to confer beauty and elegance to the message that one wishes to transmit. The most common way we know is poetry, rhymed or not rhymed. However, prose can also contain poetic language – and contains it in most of the time.

Example of poetic language in prose

If we look, for example, at the great work of Cortazar, Rayuela, we see that Chapter 7 is nothing more nor less than a chair of poetic language. A fragment says:

I touch your mouth, with one finger I touch the edge of your mouth, I draw it as if it came out of my hand, as if for the first time your mouth was parted, and it is enough for me to close my eyes to undo everything and start again, I make birth each time mouth that I want, the mouth that my hand chooses and draws you in the face, a mouth chosen among all, with sovereign freedom chosen by me to draw it with my hand for your face, and that by a chance that I do not seek to understand exactly matches your mouth that smiles below which my hand draws you.

As we see, although it is a novel, although it is a prose, there is true poetic language in it. And the same thing happens in many other novels. For example, in “The Tunnel” by Ernesto Sábato, in chapter 36 we also find an exquisite fragment of poetic language.

Poetic language is not merely reasoning and intellectual, but its greatest essential component is inspiration. Of course, it is necessary to have a good lexicon, in order to express in a very romantic, elegant, creative and seductive way, those feelings towards that special being.

Example of poetic language
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