Example of schedule

A chronogram is a kind of roadmap in which there are several activities that must be carried out over time, giving each of them a lapse of time to complete them. It is a kind of calendar and / or schedule in which the activities that must be carried out are organized.

Example of schedule

This is widely used when carrying out a work plan, a project. In this case, schedules must be made in which the accomplishment of the multiple tasks implied by that project is projected; which in the end will give us a final duration or, at least, quite approximate, in terms of duration, in terms of execution time.

However, it does not always have to be strictly so. For example, when a student goes to school, college or university, he can also make his own schedule with the subjects he sees during the week, organizing it for days, in the upper part and horizontally; while to the left and in vertical form the schedule is conditioned. In the internal boxes is the name of the subject or subject that is studied in specific day and time.

Next we will see two examples of schedule:

In this chronogram we see a whole work plan, the execution of a project with its different phases or stages projected over time through weeks. If we wanted, we could modify this schedule by setting dates. Let us suppose that the plan of action begins in the first week and, since the project lasts 12 weeks, that is to say, approximately 3 months, we have that the project should end in the last days of the month of April.

In this second example of a schedule we see an organization of activities per day, which last for a period of approximately one month. It includes extreme hours in which certain activities will be executed. Likewise, and as the first schedule shows us, we can also make use of colors to, if necessary, differentiate or offer greater clarity with respect to the activities.

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Example of schedule
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June 20, 2019

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