Example of speech analysis in a news story

Below you will find a reliable example of a journalistic and discourse ANALYSIS, based on the Theory of K.B. Jensen. The news that was chosen as a model, is a news that was presented in 2007 in a chronicle of RCN News ‘the death of Luis Santiago, the murdered baby’.

Several points to consider

All this corresponds to the topic of discourse analysis and its main exponents. Primarily, it is a teaching aid or basis for scholars of communication and journalism, in addition to Linguistics and Semitics.

“The focus of Communication and its research does not reside in the Media as such, but within speeches, practices and institutions, in which the media participates.” Jensen.

According to Jensen’s adaptation, from peircian theories to the studies of Communication, the first is in the fact of presenting the news: in the discourse.

“This image reflects the pain of an entire country (they show images of members of the Prosecutor’s Office with the deceased minor). A policeman knocked down by the terrible find, tried to give Luis Santiago’s body the heat his killers denied him in life.

Nothing was reversed anymore, it was confirmed: the end for Luis Santiago had arrived. After five days, the little boy’s body was surrounded by a crowd, looking for in his eyes a look that no longer existed.

In the midst of the silence that filled this sector, of the Savanna, the image of his aunt froze time and soul. Like a small locomotive, Andrea’s feet gradually increased speed, to cut the distance with her nephew, on an unwanted course. The anxiety to recognize the body was growing. The fatal news broke her and all who were with her.

From 7:30 a.m., the stage became the country’s main focus. On one side, the police cordoned off the area; Inside, criminal experts carefully collected the evidence of the crime and jealously kept them, in plastic and paper bags, so that this case would not remain in impunity.

The first researchers who came forward, with sample shots of the site and photographs of the smallest detail of the body, tried to put together a single piece, to corroborate the identity of the child.

Tiquiza’s cold scene reflects a scary reality in Colombia. Like Luis Santiago, there are 70 other children, between the ages of zero and four, who have been killed in the last year, in our country.”

Secondness is represented in the institutions involved, which would become, in the epistemological field, the object: RCN, who reports; the country, the prosecutor’s office, the police, the family, both of the child, and that of the spectators. These constituents of the context, are underlined, with blue color, in the news previously transcribed.

This secondness is also evident in linguistic factors and prosodic features: the whole news is loaded with sad and shocking words, with a grim poetic tone, items that give way to thirdhood, because they are part of the intention of the emitter. In the text of the news, these characteristics are underlined with bold.

The chronicle is accompanied by a sad and melancholy melody, which highlights the striking tone of the voiceover, while in a small box, with the flag of Colombia, located at the top – right of the screen, comes out permanently saying: “Colombia is of mourning.”

The thirdhood is reflected in several aspects: (in the text they are indicated with bold)

“Some people who heard the news, and the inhabitants of the surrounding area, immediately approached the scene. Hours later, anti-violence were going against violence across the country.

“Thirdhood can be seen in social practices, such as activities of meaning or forms of social action that are re-contextualized as significant in particular contexts.”

– In most of The reported Colombian households, judged opinions emerged such as:

  • “should give him a life sentence”
  • “hopefully he’ll be killed in jail.”
  • “The best thing is that if I had it in front…”
  • “we must wake up and make awareness, go out into the streets to give a voice of protest”

Several groups were created on Facebook such as ‘those who want the battered child killer’, ‘no child abuse’, ‘those who reject child violence’, among many others.

“Cultural theories (especially the Cutural Studies tradition that Jensen follows) have emphasized that subjectivity is a condition of social action, the processes of meaningful building of groups and social actors. Action requires a position or sense of identity in relation to social media and purposes.”

Example of speech analysis in a news story
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July 14, 2019

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