Examples of antonyms

They are called antonyms to those words that are opposite in their meaning, that is, they mean the opposite of one another, which contrasts with the synonyms, which are words that mean the same thing or, at least, something very approximate (like the case of bicibleta and cicla) In this example of antonyms we will see not only the words, but also some complementary sentences.

Example of antonyms

Having clear these concepts, and knowing already what it is and the differences between what is a synonym and what is an antonym, let’s now see 10 examples of antonyms:

  1. Day Night
  2. Light darkness
  3. Joy – sadness
  4. Noise – silence
  5. Fire water
  6. Top – bottom, abyss
  7. Left Right
  8. Black White
  9. Fat – skinny
  10. High Low

Now let’s see these same examples but with their respective phrases:

  1. When the day arrived we continued our journey – When the night came we made a tent and rested
  2. They say that angels are beings of light – They say that devils are beings of darkness
  3. The news that he was coming back caused me great joy – The news that he was leaving married me a lot of sadness
  4. There was a lot of noise and I could not hear anything – There was only silence and any sound could be heard
  5. A fire started and the fire was consuming everything – There was a flood and the water was devastating everything
  6. When I reached the top I could see everything – When I fell into the abyss I could not see anything
  7. After the argument, the woman took the road on the right – After the fight the man took the road on the left
  8. (* They did not know that the world was round)
  9. The car was black – the car was white
  10. I saw it, it was a fat man – I saw no one but a skinny gentleman
  11. He was a tall man, approximately one meter and 80 centimeters tall. He was a short boy, no taller than 1.20 cm.

As we see, in the examples, the anonymous words oppose each other mutually.

There are other types of antonyms that can be formed with prefixes of negation, including: “a”, “in”, “des”. For example: stateless – stateless; theism – atheism; bearable – unbearable; decent – indecent; bury – unearth nice – unpleasant

And you have another example of antonyms? Well, send it, so that we can make a compendium, a dictionary of opposite words.

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Examples of antonyms
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June 26, 2019

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