Examples of fractional division

Before setting out some examples of the correct way to resolve a fractional splitting operation, it may be best to bring to the chapter the definition of this operation, as this will allow us to understand in its precise context each of the above exercises.

Fractional division

Therefore, it can be said that Mathematics has defined the fractional division as the operation by which it is a question of determining how many times it is within a fraction, which will make the times of Dividend, a second expression fractional, which will serve as Divider, in order to obtain a result, which will in turn be known as Quotient.

Steps to Solve a FractionAl Division

Similarly, as regards the appropriate way of resolving a fractional division operation, the various sources point out that in this procedure, as with regard to Fraction multiplication, there will be no need to discriminate between homogeneous and heterogeneous fractions, but simply cross multiplication. However, it is best to review step by step, the ideal way to solve the Fractional Division:

  • Once the elements and the proposed operation have been reviewed, the cross operation must then begin to be applied, for which the numerator of the first fraction will be multiplied by the denominator of the second, annotating the result as a numerator of the product.
  • To continue the solution of this operation, the denominator of the first fraction will be multiplied by the numerator of the second fraction, then annotating the result obtained as the denominator of the product.
  • Obtained the fraction resulting from cross multiplication, it will be checked whether there is a common divider for the two elements, in order to simplify the fraction, achieving its most irreducible form.

Examples of Fraction Division

However, it may be best to set out a specific example, where you can see in practice the application of each of these steps, which Mathematics considers to be the correct method when solving fractional division operations, such as the following:

Resolve the following fractional division:

When you start to solve this division, it will then be necessary to perform cross multiplication:

Obtained the product, it shall be determined whether it is possible to further reduce this fraction, so it shall try to find a common divider:

Reaching this result, it will be assumed that there is no other number that can serve as the common divider of the expression, so then, this fraction will be understood as an irreducible expression, as well as the final product of this division operation.

Other examples

Thus, below are other examples that can be given in relation to the correct way of solving divisions between fractions, through the method of cross multiplication, and subsequently the simplification of fractions, you will find the the following, which also demonstrate how the sign law should be applied in the event of numerators possessing a negative sign and other positive signs:

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Examples of fractional division
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September 22, 2019

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