Examples of fractional sum

Perhaps it is best to, before moving forward on exposing some exercises that may serve as an example to the Sum of fractions, is to review the very definition of this mathematical operation, in order to understand each of these exercises within its context Suitable.

Sum of fractions

In this sense, it can be said that Mathematics defines the Sum of fractions as an operation in which two or more fractions are given to the task of combining their respective values, in order to obtain a total value. Likewise, this discipline will assume the fractions on the basis of which the sum is established as sums, while the result of the operation will be known as total.

Method to add fractions

On the other hand, mathematics notes that there is not a single method for resolving a fractional sum operation, but that it will be determined by the characteristics of fractions, based on the homogeneity or heterogeneity that exists between them, at least three possible cases were then found:

  • If the fractions are homogeneous (they have equal denominator): in case the fractions to be added have the same denominator, then this will be assumed as the common denominator, and the numerators will be added:

  • If fractions have equal numerator: Mathematics also covers the case of sum of fractions in which the expressions involved are characterized by having equal numerator. In such cases, a common numerator will be assumed, and the values of the denominators will be sued:

  • If fractions are heterogeneous (they have different denominators): finally, Mathematics takes into account the case where the fractions that are added together do not match each other either in terms of their numerators or their denominators. In this case, a cross multiplication must be performed between the numerators and denominators, as well as a horizontal multiplication between the denominators, in order to achieve a common denominator, which then allows the addition process to continue:

Examples of fractional sum

However, perhaps it is best to give some examples that allow you to see in practice how the Sum of Fractions operation is carried out. However, it may also be relevant to separate these examples according to the case of Sum of fractions that exemplify, as can be seen below:

Examples of sum of fractions with equal numerator

In this order of ideas, we will first address the examples of sum of fractions with equal denominator, that is, those that have equal denominator, and that are solved by assuming a common denominator and determining the total of their numerators:

Examples of fractions with equal numerator

Also, it will be necessary to review those exercises that can serve as an example to the sum of fractions with equal numerator, such as these shown below:

Examples of heterogeneous fractions

Finally, examples that may exist regarding the sum of heterogeneous fractions include the following:

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Examples of fractional sum
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September 22, 2019

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