Examples of how to make a personal reference

A personal reference is the communication, made by an individual (at the request of another) in order to leave sitting in writing that he knows him and who also identifies him as a person of trust and good behavior, in which he can be trusted.

This type of document is almost always requested by banking institutions, as well as by some employers and educational companies.

Within this communication, precise data such as that of the person or institution to which it is referred, the title of Personal Reference, the name of the person who writes it, the number of their identification or certificate, their place of residence, the name of the person to who recommends, the identification number of this, address, time that has been known to your referral, as well as the behavior you have observed in that person during the time you have treated it.

Finally, it must be signed by the person issuing it. Similarly, somewhere in the communication, a telephone number should appear, allowing the receiver to communicate with the sender.

As for the format, the communication must be printed on letter sheet, and must be transcribed with Times New Roman source, number 12, to space 1.5 lines. Here is an example of a personal reference:

City, 3 September 2014


Mr. Francisco Revuelta

Central Bank Director



Through the present, I, JORGE PÉREZ, Cédula XXXXXXXX, natural of (name of the city) and domiciled in (city and address), I note that I have known for (quantity) years Mr. Armando Lozada, Cédula XXXXXXX, natural of (name of the city) and domiciled ( city and management), being able to check during this time that he is a person of good habits, respectful, hard-working and good behavior treatment, which can be trusted. Without further reference, he says goodbye to you,

Kind regards


___________(Signature) __________

Jorge Perez



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Examples of how to make a personal reference
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August 22, 2019

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