Examples of how to prepare Christmas mouthpieces

Christmas comes, and again your home has been chosen as a family meetinghouse. Also again you are facing the challenge of surprising your guests and visitors with the best and richest dishes, with which to accompany a pleasant moment.

As a specialist in organizing meetings you should know that not only are the main dishes the most important, but sometimes the passes are the ones that take the gold star of the celebrations. That is why on this occasion we want to offer some examples of the canapés and snacks that you can prepare to treat your guests at the next Christmas.

Here are three examples of how to prepare delicious Christmas passers-by:

Mini rolls of smoked salmon

These mouthpieces will not only look beautiful and elegant at your snack table, but will really pamper the palate of your guests, making you look like the star of the night. To prepare them you will need the following ingredients: four hundred (400 grams) grams of Smoked Salmon, cut into fillets / two hundred (200 gr) Philadelphia cheese / some chopped walnuts / some salmon roe / fresh dill, salt and pepper to taste. You will also require one (1) roll of clear paper / one (1) fridge / one (1) tray to serve.

Once you have all your elements and ingredients at hand, then we will proceed to the preparation, for this we will start by placing on a countertop the transparent paper. About him, the first salmon fillet.

In addition, in a hot frying pan we will proceed to place a drizzle of olive oil, when it is very hot we will place the eldo. Once it has released its essences, we will add the nuts, which we will saute until they begin to roast, at that moment we will add some salmon cut into small pieces. Ready our preparation, then we will add it to the salmon fillet next to the cheese.

At that moment we will roll on itself, with the help of the transparent paper, the fillet, taking care that all the contents are compact inside it. We then proceed to take to the fridge for a space of about an hour. After that time, we remove from the refrigerator and with a fairly sharp and damp knife we cut the salmon roll into pieces about five or six centimeters long.

We serve vertically on the tray in which we will present, and decorate with some cheese and salmon eggs. And ready, you’ll have some mouthpieces that will be remembered and ordered Christmas after Christmas.

Mozarella canapés for this Christmas

Another rather economical and simple option to accommodate your guests during the Christmas Eve celebrations are the canapés. This time we will show how to prepare some mozzarella cheese and red peppers, which in addition to their flavors, give you with their colors a rather Christmas aesthetic, to decorate your table.

Before you prepare for preparation, it is important that you stock up on at least six red peppers, which you will have to cut into Band-Aids and bake for at least an hour at one hundred and seventy degrees Celsius, making sure to turn them over each stock Time. Once ready, let them cool. When this has happened, then it will be time to continue with the recipe.

To prepare them you will need the following ingredients: one (1) thin baguette bread / one (1) kilo of mozzarella cheese / pre-roasted peppers / (1) bottle of pesto sauce, which you can also prepare / salt, pepper and some fresh basil leaves. You will also require the following items: one (1) knife enclosed for bread / one (1) wooden board / one (1) tray to serve and present them.

Once you have everything at hand, then we will proceed with the preparation. Using your knife and chopping board, cut the baguette bread into very thin slices and take it to a grill or grill to roast on a face.

When this has happened, remove from the heat and place the roasted part on the plate, so that your ingredients remain on your face unroasted. Then add a piece of mozzarella cheese, on it a piece of pepper.

Then also place a teaspoon of pesto sauce. When you’re done assembling all your canapés, drizzled with sea salt and pepper. Then bring to the oven until the cheese begins to melt. Remove from the oven, and serve in the tray where you will present them. And you already have another dish that will make you the star of the Christmas hosts.

Salmon Montadito

Likewise we have these passes, whose preparation will not take more than fifteen minutes, but which will instead make you pass to the memory as the author of the most delicious passages. To prepare them you will require the following ingredients: two (2) whole eggs / fifty (50 gr) smoked salmon / eighty (80 gr) rustic or peasant bread / one (1) drizzle of olive oil / forty (40 gr) of fresh cheese / twenty (20 gr) cherry tomato / salt and or eel us to taste. Likewise you will need some items like a (1) pan / one (1) saw knife for bread / one (1) vegetable knife / one (1) chopping board / one (1) tray to serve.

Once you have everything gathered, then proceed as a first step to prepare an omelette with the two eggs. When ready, then cut the bread into rectangular pieces. You must also do with the tortilla, so that it is the same shape and the same size as the bread. We will also follow the same procedure with cheese and salmon.

Before assembling the dish, we should sprinkle our bread with a little olive oil, after this add in ascending order the tortilla, cheese and salmon. Garnish with half a cherry tomato, and season with salt, pepper, oregano and olive oil to taste. Serve and enjoy with your loved ones.

Image source: cookpad.com

Examples of how to prepare Christmas mouthpieces
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September 18, 2019

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