Examples of how to prepare romantic breakfasts

If you have guests for breakfast or are thinking of surprising that special person, but have no idea what you can serve as breakfast, this item is for you. This time we will introduce you three breakfast options ideal for a romantic morning. Here are three delicious recipes to help you tell your loved ones how much you love them:

Baden-Baden Fluffy Omelette

For the preparation of this dish you will need the following ingredients: five hundred (500) grams of fresh strawberries / four (4) eggs / one (1) pinch of salt / thirty (30) grams of sugar / two (2) teaspoons of butter / four (4) tablespoons sugar pulverized or dust. You will also need the following items: two (2) bowl / two (2) cups / one (1) fork / one (1) pan / one (1) large flat plate.

Once you have all your ingredients and elements available we will proceed to the preparation. For this we will start washing the strawberries with plenty of water, in order to clean them of any soil or pesticides. Once you’ve drained them, place them in half, place them in a bowl, and pour over them some of the powdered sugar, keep separate.

Then start cracking your eggs and separate the whites from the yolks, which you’ll add to a bowl, and after incorporating the pinch of salt, you’ll whisk vigorously until they’re pretty frothy. At that point, you’ll add the thirty grams of sugar and continue whisking for three more minutes. For its part, you must beat the whites to the point of snow. When they are ready you should then mix them with the dough made with the yolks and sugar.

Place a large frying pan over the heat and add a little butter, when it has melted add half the mixture, and spread it all over the pan. Wait for it to cook for two or three minutes, or until it starts to brown from the bottom, but you should not flip it, as this tortilla should be as soft as possible on top.

When it’s well browned underneath, you should add half the strawberries you washed and sprinkled with sugar. Once you’ve done this, you should fold the tortilla in half, serve on a large plate and garnish with strawberries around, which you may or may not sprinkle with powdered sugar as well.

Then repeat the entire recipe with half the ingredients you had left over. Each omelette fits two people, and the full recipe gives up for four servings, so it serves for a romantic and intimate breakfast, as well as for a Sunday morning with your family And already, you have a rich and original breakfast with which you will tell yours how you love them!

Slices of gourmet bread

If you’re looking for a slightly simpler option, but not less delicious, this recipe is for you. In it you will not have to beat, sprinkle or cook, taking about ten minutes to prepare it. To start you will need to gather the following ingredients: four (4) slices of sandduche bread which you will previously have to toast in a toaster or a pan / twenty (20) grams of butter / four (4) maraschino cherries / two (2) tablespoons parsley finely chopped / one hundred twenty-five (125) grams of liver pate / two (2) ounces of chopped walnuts. As for the elements you will only need: one (1) chopping board / one (1) kitchen knife / one (1) large plate / one (1) knife to spread.

Once you have everything ready we will proceed to cut into very small pieces the maraschino cherries, already chopped then proceed to mix them together with parsley and butter, until you have a mixture as homogeneously as possible. This mix will then be mixed with each slice of toast.

On this layer of butter you will then add the liver pate, which you must have previously mixed also with the nuts. Because of the ingredients in this recipe, you need to be sure that neither you nor your guests have any allergies to them.

It is advisable to accompany it with a red fruit tea. Also this recipe can also serve as dinner, or mouthpieces, in which case you should only cut into four each of the slices. For evenings or evenings it is advisable to accompany a good glass of red wine. And you already have another example of how to pamper your loved ones at any time of the day!

French toast

Another ideal recipe to caress the palate of your loved one are French toast, which are also quite easy to prepare. For its elaboration you will need the following ingredients: two or three (2 or 3) slices of hard bread but with crumb, that is, it can be two or three days long, it is recommended the loaf bread / one (1) glass of milk / two (2) eggs / a little butter / one (1) piz piz cinnamon / four (4) tablespoons sugar / one (1) splash of vanilla essence. You will also need: one (1) chopping board / a (1) pan knife / one (1) bowl / one (1) deep tray / one (1) large pan.

Once you have everything at hand, you will proceed to chop slices of bread about three or five centimeters thick. In our bowl we will vigorously beat the eggs, and once beaten, we will incorporate and mix the milk, sugar and cinnamon. When we have this mixture ready, we will pour it into our deep tray, and there we will place our slices of bread, until they are moistened with the mixture.

Then we will place a frying pan in the fire and in it a little butter, which we will let melt, but without burning. We will then add the slices of our bread, until they are well browned on both sides. At that moment we will serve them in a large flat, and sprinkle them a little with sugar and cinnamon. Some manage to hit it with the heart-shaped knife or help themselves with special bread molds.

You can serve it with strawberry or peach pieces, and even spread them with chocolate cream. And you already have another exquisite and sweet delicacy to enjoy in the morning with those you love the most!

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Examples of how to prepare romantic breakfasts
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August 31, 2019

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