Examples of how to solve radical root quotients

Before addressing some examples of the appropriate way to resolve any Division between rational radicals, it may be best to briefly review the very definition of this operation, in order to understand each of these exercises in its fair context Mathematician.

Division of rational radicals

In this order of ideas, it may also be pertinent to begin by recalling that Mathematics has defined rational radicals as any expression or root operation, where a fraction can be seen, and that, according to the different authors, it must be to be resolved by finding what is the fraction, which rises to the index given by the operation, results in the rational expression that functions as settling. Thus, it could also be said that rational radicals are the inverse expression of rational-based powers.

On the other hand, the Division of Rational Radicals will then be the mathematical operation aimed at finding the quotient between two such expressions, or what is the same, will seek to determine how many times the rational radical that serves as a divider between the rational radical who meets the dividend times. Likewise, mathematical discipline points out that this operation is only feasible if the rational radicals involved agree on their indices.

Steps to Stir The Rational Radical Division

Similarly, Mathematics has specified the steps to be taken when solving such an operation, and then the following are:

  1. The first thing to do in the face of a division of rational radicals will be to review the indices offered by each. If you agree, you can then continue with the operation.
  2. Secondly, we will proceed to divide both the coefficients and the establishments. If a coefficient is not explicitly expressed it shall be considered equal to the unit.

How this operation should be resolved can be expressed mathematically by talking as follows:

Examples of division of rational radicals

However, the best way to study the right way to solve this operation may be through some examples, which allow us to see how each of the steps outlined by mathematical theory are met in practice. Here are some of them:

Example 1

Resolve the following operation:

At the time of the start of a solution to this operation, it should then be necessary to verify that rational radicals in fact agree on their indices. In this way, we proceed to respond to the mathematical approach:

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Examples of how to solve radical root quotients
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October 17, 2019

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