Examples of mixed fractions

Perhaps it is best to address the various expressions that can serve as an example for mixed fractions, it is to briefly review some definitions, which will allow each of these cases to be understood within its precise mathematical context.

Fundamental definitions

It may therefore also be useful to delimit this theoretical review to three specific notions: the concepts of Fractions, Natural Numbers and post-position that of the Mixed Fraction itself, as it is these definitions that will allow us to understand the the nature of the mathematical expressions subsequently exposed. Here’s each one:


First, it must then be said that Mathematics has explained fractions as one of the two types of mathematical expression with which fractional numbers count, that is, that serve to account for non-whole or non-exact amounts. Likewise, the mathematical discipline has pointed out that fractions can be considered to consist of two elements:

  • Numerator: which will be located at the top of the expression, indicating how many parts of the whole the fraction refers to.
  • Denominator: For its part, the denominator will be located at the bottom of the mathematical expression, indicating in how many parts the whole has been divided.


As for integers, Mathematics has chosen to explain them as those mathematical expressions, consisting of a positive number, a negative number or even the zero, which are used to express whole or exact amounts, as well as lack of a specific quantity, or even the total absence of quantity. These numbers are also considered conforming to the Z-set.

Mixed fractions

Given these two definitions, it may be much easier to understand the concept of Mixed Fractions, which will be a mathematical expression that will consist of an integer and a fraction, and serve to account for amounts that where it has taken a whole part and some parts, then counting on the following form:

Likewise, Mathematics has pointed out that the use of Mixed Fractions are often much more common in the everyday realm, than in Mathematics, since it is more common for people to make use of expressions such as “I ate 1 1/2 pizza” to use the form that this cant would have as an improper fraction, referring “I ate 3/2 pizza”.

Consequently, it can also be inferred from this reflection that any mixed fraction can be expressed as an improper fraction, and vice versa, a situation that is achieved by following a series of steps and operations that allow the conversion to be done. However, these two types of expressions are equivalent, as they can account for the same fractional amount.

Examples of mixed fractions

However, in addition to the exposure of these definitions, it may be necessary to closely review some mathematical expressions that can be understood as concrete examples of mixed fractions, in order to see in practice how this type of Fractions. Here are some of them:

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Examples of mixed fractions
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September 26, 2019

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