Examples of oral communication

What is oral communication? While it is true that animals also have a form of oral communication, only oral communication between humans is properly spoken, as they can transmit and exchange messages, ideas, concepts, information, etc., in a structured manner. The oral communication is one that uses a “speech act” that is, is transmission or exchange of messages in verbal form.

Ejemplos de comunicación oral

We must clarify that, since we are proposing examples of oral communication, they should be in the form of audio, or in audiovisual form; but we clarify that we are using “written communication” to give examples of “oral communication”. Not that it is not due, as well as from “oral communication” can give examples of “written communication”, “gestural” or “pictorial”.

Ejemplos de comunicación oral

But well, without further detours, in short we are going to put some short examples of this type of communication, and that occur constantly, every day and in different instances.

A personal conversation between two people

For example:
Hello Juan How are you?
Well, this morning I was at the doctor.

A conference

For example:
We are meeting today in this venue to expose the serious consequences of environmental pollution. Among them…

A recital

Although at this point the language becomes abstract and diffuse.

Talking on phone

The form of dialogue is similar to personal conversation.


It is a form of oral communication through which we receive information, most of the time, of the day, current information.


When we see news or a documentary, we are receiving information in an immediate or very short time range.

We must clarify that this oral communication can be as informal as basic, or both formal and complex. For example, a greeting: “hello Pedro”, “good morning”, “good night”, “yes”, “no”, “I do not know”, etc. Or a presentation where it is addressed to a specific audience: For example, a convention, a seminar, a conference, etc., addressed only to doctors, or only to astronomers, or only to paleontologists. In any case, whenever it is done in the form of “speech acts” we will be confronted with forms of oral communication.

Examples of oral communication
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June 20, 2019

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