Examples of slang

Slang is simply and simply a specialized language, a linguistic modality of a group of people who use certain terms to communicate with each other. Therefore, there are as many slang as professions or characteristics shared by a group of people.

In some cases, that slang becomes a kind of protection for people who are part of the community in which these language modalities acquire meaning, so (although this is not the general rule) it is also something very typical of lodges or secret communities. Slang, on the other hand, qualifies, different from a certain group of others.

Examples of slang

  1. Dove (in marine, it is a kind of cross that goes in the mast).
  2. Compass and square (silence – in some communities of esoteric type).
  3. Scire, potere, audere, tacere (in mystical orders it means: to know, to be able, to dare, to shut up).
  4. Melopea (means drunkenness for Spaniards).
  5. Parcero (slang used as a synonym for friend).

Slang and jargon

In professions and different scientific modalities, the specialized language also becomes a form of slang, which differs, which is isolated from the jargon in the sense that the jargon acquires a more technical connotation.

However, sometimes the jargon is not necessarily more technical because there is the jargon of marginal groups, criminals, etc. In such a case, jargon is a popular way of speaking but in which, as a result, it creates certain expressions.

For example, in many Spanish-speaking countries hitting the head is used in the sense of getting high, a person who makes use of hallucinogenic substances.

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Examples of slang
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June 17, 2019

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