Examples of the world’s most famous cocktails

If you’re one of those who go blank in front of a liquor menu, and you always end up with the same beer, this item is for you. Well, although it is not advisable to drink too much at any age, it is not bad that from time to time and in moderation enjoy some good drink. This time we present some of the best cocktails in the world, so you can add some fun and novelty to your party nights.


If you like dry drinks, Martini can be an excellent choice for you. Possessing great fame is the star of almost every Hollywood movie, where it has positioned itself as a symbol of elegance and glamour, so holding on your hand or having on your table a drink of these can provide you with a halo of mystery and elegance, which may attract several glances. As the story goes, this drink, also known as Dry Martini, was created in New York City for millionaire Rockefeller.

According to the International Association of IBA Bartenders, this drink is made from Gin, dry vermú, ice, lemon oil and an olive. So gin, Vermu and ice are placed in a shaker, moving until all the ingredients are mixed. Then pour the drink into a broad mouthed glass, add a little lemon oil and an olive. Some people also like to add olive juice, a variation known as Dirty Martini.


On the route of the slightly dry cocktails we find the cocktail known as Margarita, which is prepared based on Tequila, lemon juice and triple sec (original dry liqueur of France, based on orange, among which is the cointreau). Once the drink is prepared, the bartender proceeds to serve it in a large glass, the edges of which have previously been moistened with lemon juice and passed by salt, so that there is a border of salt and lemon, which accompanies each sip of our Margarita.

According to historians, this drink was born from a bartender at the famous American restaurant Tail O’the Clock, who won the American cocktail contest with this preparation. Margarita was named after a former Mexican girlfriend, who died very young due to a gunshot wound. However, some believe that the story is false and based only on an advertising attempt.

Bloody Mary

Continuing with the movie stars, we arrived at Bloody Mary, a drink that in Spanish would be called “Maria, La Sanguinaría” and which was named after Queen Mary I of England, who began to be called this way after starring in one of the largest persecutions and killings of Protestants during the 16th century.

Created in 1921, also in New York City, at the Paris bar, this drink has become a cinematic reference and an exclusive remedy for hangovers. It is made from vodka, tomato juice, a pinch of pepper, another of salt, three drops of English sauce, three drops of tabasco, and a little lemon juice. Once ready the drink is served in a long glass, and garnished with a sprig of celleri. He drinks a lot of cold.


If you are one of those who enjoy sweet drinks, this cocktail typical of the Brazilian lands can be a great option for you. Caipiriña is prepared on the basis of the cachaza (traditional Brazil liqueur) lemon juice, ice and sugar.

It is usually served in small glasses, quite cold, with little pieces of lemon and a small cigarette, indispensable to be able to drink it feeling all the flavors. You can also try some variations, such as those that use vodka instead of cachaza, known as caipiroska, or those that replace it with wine, in which case it is known as caipivino.


Also in tune with sweet cocktails we find the Daiquiri, which has also achieved fame in films and books of classical literature. This drink is made from white rum, lemon juice, ice and sugar. Today there are numerous variants, and there are actually daiquiris of various fruits such as Strawberry, Peach, Orange, Banana and Pineapple, just to name a few.

According to the story, the Daiquiri was born in Santiago de Cuba, by the mining engineer Jennings Cox, who created a friendly way to drink Cuban rum, which was achieved much easier than vodka. However, it was not Cox who christened his creation, but a friend, fellow engineer Giacomo Pagliuchi, who named him Daiquiri after the mines where Cox worked.

From floral touches to smoke and fog, there seems to always be a new trend in the world of booze — but some cocktails simply stand the test of time. In the fast paced world of the global bar industry, we see many trends come and go. But one thing seems to remains the same: The classic cocktail.

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Examples of the world’s most famous cocktails
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August 28, 2019

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