Famous phrases about feudalism

Mao Zedong: “The execution of a local despot or an evil seshi of such importance reverberates throughout the district and contributes very effectively to the removal of the remnant evils of feudalism.”

Ideologies of thinkers who changed humanity

Some analysts believe that the feudal system, as Mao Zedong puts it, continues to implement and guide the destinations of the community. A despot is chosen who thinks nothingly of the good of society, but of one’s own and the interests of those who send it behind power.

Napoleon: “the canyon killed feudalism, ink will kill modern society.”

But even if Napoleon has claimed that feudalism was exterminated by the canyon, great modern characters such as Ramiro Ledesma and Peter Joseph believe that feudalism never died, but on the contrary we live in an advanced form of feudalism, disguised with the name of parliamentary democracy.

Carlos Marx: “… when the enslaving subordination, from individuals to the division of labour, and with it, has disappeared, the opposition between intellectual and manual labour; when work is not only a livelihood, but the first vital need; when, with the development of individuals in all their aspects, productive forces also grow and the springs of collective wealth squirt full.

Only then can the narrow horizon of feudal law be fully exceeded and society will be able to write on its flags: Each one, according to his abilities; everyone, according to their needs!”

This communist stance by one of its main representatives, according to Javier Niño, eminent anthropologist of the National University of Colombia, is but another disguise of feudalism that also disguises itself as a state and equality for all, where everyone has the obligation to work the hours imposed by the Government, as well as in China, where people work more than 12 hours obligated, but supposedly in exchange for being granted free by the state in education, housing, food and water and light services. However, feudalism is notorious: slaves who are forced to work and commanded by a single power.

Vicente Fixer: “Feudalism was born from the Vatican and they will remain the feudal lords dressed in purple and scarlet”.

This modern visionary and great thinker clearly denotes the direct intervention of the Vatican in the social and economic system of the world. The power behind power.

Andrew Millaleo: “the feudals of yesteryear remain at the top of the pyramid, they are the all-seeing eye and in reality, there are very few truly feudal families.”

Millaleo, like Fixer, they are aware that there are secret societies that operate in a pyramidal way and are the feudal lords behind it all. They have been called “the illuminati” or “dark freemasons”.

Famous phrases about feudalism
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June 30, 2019

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