Famous phrases by Diego Velázquez

Not only did Velázquez allude to the meanings we give to everything. The curious thing is that the one who explained it more clearly in another famous phrase was another writer; but not any fan of the pen, but nothing more or nothing less than William Shakespeare, who emphatically said, “There is nothing good or bad, thought does so.” If we apply it to the realm of love, we will see clearly the veracity of these postulates: each one gives him the interpretation he wants.

A lover of love

* “Everyone gives their own meaning to love”
* “A woman is not a human being, it is the reason for human beings”.

Velázquez was in love with love, beauty and, of course, women. It also coincides with various philosophers, writers, sages and artists of all ages; in that women is the ultimate symbol of beauty, the most significant work of art of creation.

* “It’s no use having the best and not being the best”

Velázquez advocated for the perfection of the human being. As Jesus Christ also said, “Be perfect, as your Father is Perfect.” Today, it is believed that man’s perfection is an impossible or just a cute ideal. But with these famous sentences, we realize that the thinkers of old reasoned in very different ways.

* “Consider yourself old when you have more memories than dreams”

Undoubtedly, the question of age is a mental thing. A person who is 65 years old physically may be younger than a 15-year-old. This is due to the bitterness produced by memories. There are teenagers who at 15 live remembering all the “hardships” and sufferings they have faced in existence and live more bitter and irascible than an old man as such. Then, they immediately lose the ability to dream and are dedicated to complaining, exclusively.

Famous phrases by Diego Velázquez
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