Form of lease of rural house

Lease contracts, in all types of movable or immovable property, are quite common, or of other types of goods, for example cars, houses, farms, apartments, machinery, premises, etc. So, in view of this, we have decided to prepare an example of the format of a contract for rural housing, which, with the respective modifications, can also be adapted for any other real estate.

Formato contrato de arrendamiento de casa rural

Form of lease of rural house


Among the undersigned namely, on the one hand, [NAME OF THE PERSON WHO LEASES], of legal age, domiciled and residing in Smallville (Kanzas), identified with DNI X.XXX.XXX. of [City]., who henceforth and for the purposes of this contract will be called THE LESSOR, and on the other, [NAME OF THE PERSON WHO TAKES IN RENTAL], of legal age, identified with the DNI No. X.XXX.XXX acting as Chairman of the Community Action Board of the Candelaria Baja District, who from now on and for the purposes of this contract will be called THE LESSEE, we have agreed to enter into this lease of rural housing, governed by the following clauses .

FIRST: The following are obligations of the lessor:

Deliver to the lessee on the agreed date, or at the time of conclusion of the contract, the property leased in good condition of service, safety and health, and make available services, things, or related uses and additional agreed .

Maintain in the property the services, things and related and additional uses in good condition to serve for the purpose agreed in the contract.

SECOND: The LESSEE’s obligations are:

Pay the price of the lease within the period stipulated in the contract, in the leased property.

Caring for the property and the things received from the lease. In case of damages or deterioration other than those derived from normal use or from the action of time, and which were attributable to the misuse of the property or to your own fault, timely carry out and on your own the necessary repairs or replacements.

The other obligations consecrated for THE LESSEE in chapter III, title XXVI, book 4 of the Civil Code.

THIRD: THE LESSEE responds for all the obligations that correspond to them, not only for the main term, but during the validity of the tactical extensions, agreed by one of them or by all until the date of the restitution of the property.

FOURTH: The property object of this contract is a house located in Smallville (Kanzas), whose boundaries are delimited in the public deed ___________________________

FIFTH: The duration term of the lease is one (1) year, starting on the twentieth (20) of September two thousand thirteen (2013), and ending on the twenty (20) day of September two thousand fourteen (2014), date on which THE LESSEE will deliver the property along with its services, uses and connections completely up to date and in the state in which it is located except natural deterioration thereof, in case none of the parties The other party expresses its intention not to extend this lease contract one month before the expiration thereof, this will be extended for a term equal to the initially agreed, and so on.

SIXTH: The lease fee that THE LESSEE will pay THE LESSOR, is the sum of FIVE HUNDRED SIXTY AND THREE DOLLARS ($ 563), sum that will be canceled for each calendar month, in advance, in cash, within the first five (5) days of the respective monthly payment, in the property object of this contract. The mere tolerance of the lessor to accept the payment of the price after the five days mentioned above shall not be understood as a desire to modify the previous clause.

SEVENTH: The property will be used for rural housing and business (sale of beverages and market sale), as the residence of THE LESSEE and his family group consisting of four (4) people who live in the property subject of this contract. Any other form of use that is given to the property, other than that already mentioned, will be grounds for termination of the contract by THE LESSOR. In addition to the foregoing, it is forbidden to keep explosive or harmful substances in the leased real estate for the conservation, safety and hygiene of the property, as well as substances expressly prohibited by law. It is also not allowed to make excessive noises that harm the tranquility of the other inhabitants of the property and the sector.

EIGHTH: THE LESSEE may not assign or sublease, in whole or in part, the property subject to this contract, without the prior written consent of the lessor.

NINTH: THE LESSEE declares to have received the property to satisfaction, in the state that it specifies. No improvement can be made without the written consent of the landlord. Made without it, the property will grow, notwithstanding that the landlord can demand his retirement. In no case shall THE LESSEE have retention rights on the property for reasons of improvements or right to any compensation. The LESSEE is obliged to carry out in the real estate the locative repairs that correspond to them.

TENTH: The real estate object of the present contract counts on the services of energy, aqueduct, whose payment corresponds in its totality to THE LESSEE during the validity of the present contract or any of its extensions.

ELEVENTH: The LESSEE may at any time transfer its rights to a third party, the LESSOR being obliged to fulfill its obligations to the transferee from the date on which such act is communicated to them by any suitable, duly proven means.

TENTH TWO: The parties, at any time, and by mutual agreement, may terminate the rural housing contract. Unilaterally, the following reasons come from the landlord.

The non-cancellation by the tenant of the rents and readjustments within the stipulated term.

The partial sublease of the property, the assignment of the contract or the enjoyment of the property or the change of destination thereof by THE LESSEE, without express authorization of THE LESSOR.

The repeated incursion of the tenant into procedures that affect the citizen’s tranquility of the neighbors, or the destination of the property for criminal acts or that imply contravention.

The realization of improvements, changes or extensions of the property, without the express authorization of the landlord, or the total or partial destruction of the property or area leased by the tenant.

The cohabitation of more people than those who make up the family unit of THE LESSEE.

THIRTEEN: The obligations to pay sums in money charged to THE LESSEE will be enforceable on the basis of the lease agreement and in accordance with the provisions of the civil and civil procedure codes. Regarding the debts owed by THE LESSEE for home public services, THE LESSOR may repeat what was paid against THE LESSEE by the executive via the provision of invoices, vouchers or receipts of the corresponding companies duly canceled and the manifestation that make the plaintiff under the seriousness of an oath that said invoices were canceled by him, which shall be understood as rendered with the provision of the claim.

FOURTH: The landlord may fill in the blank spaces that the parties have left in this document, especially the boundaries of the property.

FIFTEEN FIFTH: The value of the fiscal rights and other expenses caused by the granting of this contract or its extensions, shall be borne by both parties for equal sums.

TENTH SIXTH: The price of the lease will be readjusted annually in case of extension, according to agreement between the parties.

SEVENTH: THE LESSEE expressly waives any kind of private or judicial requirements.

SIXTEENTH: Place to receive notifications. For THE LESSOR in Smallville

Farm __________________________________

NINETEENTH. PENAL CLAUSE: In case of breach of any of the obligations hereby agreed by THE LESSEE, these will be debtors of the other party in the equivalent amount corresponding to a lease payment in force at the time of breach without prejudice to other compensation to that there may be a reason for the breach.

NOTE: THE LESSEE receives the property in perfect condition. And it warns that the use given to housing as a business will be subject to the regulations provided by the State Administration of Kanzas, when regulating the operating hours of public establishments.

It is signed by the parties involved in two copies, each with one of them on the 20th day of September 2013.



Form of lease of rural house
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June 20, 2019

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